[Pic] Pre-debut Selca posted on twitter

JUNIEL used to have a personal twitter account (@Junieeeeeee) and communicate with fans there. The account was deleted as she started official account (@junieljp) on April 1, 2011, but omg! some photos that she posted via twitpic are still available!
So I decided to share them here ^^ I don’t put credit on photo because they are Juniel’s, not mine ;)
*click to enlarge

“사진올리는법 발견^^”
rough trans: Found how to post photo^^

“My Pic:) 이히히 예전사딘♥”
rough trans: My Pic:) Ihihi Past Pic♥

“Recording is Hard…..very TT”

“Today is korean!^^ 오랜만입니다 ㅠ_ㅠ 미안해요.. 그래도 나 사진찍어왔어요! 일본거리에서 찍은건 아니지만 집에서 나가기 전에 찰칵! 앞머리가 너무많이 길었어용! 눈앞엔 반짝반짝★ :)”
rough trans: Today is korean!^^ It’s been a while ㅠ_ㅠ I’m sorry.. But I took a picture! Although I didn’t take it at town in Japan, before going out from house, popped a shutter! My bangs were very long! Glitter in front of(on?) my eyes★ :)

“내일 드뎌 한국에 감니당>_<! ”
rough trans: Finally I’m going to Korea tomorrow >_<!

rough trans: It’s been a while, hasn’t it?ㅣ~~⊙▽⊙

all pictures are taken from twitpic @Junieeeeeee  

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