[Pic|Vid|Trans] Pre-debut JUNIE ~ JUNIEL at Shibuya Gee-ge.

November 25, 2010

JUNIE-chan, singing and playing guitar, is in 2nd year in senior high as well!
cr: http://yaplog.jp/kawaiteppei/archive/1053

@kawaiteppei: JUNIE@gee-ge. 現役高校2年生、韓国から来たジュニーちゃんです!イベント初登場!真っ直ぐキレイな声が印象的!これからどんどん良くなりそう♪
JUNIE-chan from Korea, in 2nd year in senior high now! Her first appearance at the event! Straight and beautiful voice is impressive! She will become better and better from now♪
cr: http://yaplog.jp/kawaiteppei/archive/1050

January 19, 2011

JUNIE-chan, singing and playing guitar, from Korea, 17years old!
Both her Japanese and singing are getting better and better!!
cr: http://yaplog.jp/kawaiteppei/archive/1144

@kawaiteppei: JUNIE@gee-ge. 韓国から来てる17歳ギター弾き語り、ジュニー!前回より日本語もうまくなってるし、唄も良くなってます!国籍関係なく、若い子は成長が早い!!
JUNIE@gee-ge. JUNIE, singing and playing guitar, from Korea, 17years old! Her Japanese got better than the previous time, and her singing got better as well! Regardless of their nationality, young people grow fast!!
cr: http://yaplog.jp/kawaiteppei/archive/1142

March 9, 2011

Including girl who is graduating this month, 4 senior high students!
All of them are expected and talented artists!

JUNIE-chan, a student from Korea, singing and playing guitar!
She lost some weight and became even cuter!
Her songs are pop and very nice!
cr: http://yaplog.jp/kawaiteppei/archive/1244

@kawaiteppei: 沢井美空/JUNIE/田中茉裕@ジージ 高校2年生(今度3年生)の3人間に合わず!(>_<)リハはちゃんと見ましたが、3人とも素晴らしいんです!
Sawai Misora/JUNIE/Tanaka Mayu@gee-ge. Three who are in 2nd year in senior high (will be in 3rd soon), I missed their performance! (>_<) I watched the rehearsal properly, all of the three are wonderful!
cr: http://yaplog.jp/kawaiteppei/archive/1245

March 16, 2011
*It seems like she was going to perform, but cancelled (probably because of earthquake on March 11). Some artists cancelled their performance as well, wondering if they should do music at that hard time. Live concert itself was held with minimum electricity, not using air conditioner or audio equipment.
cr: http://yaplog.jp/kawaiteppei/archive/1257

April 5, 2011

She has changed her name from this time, JUNIEL-chan!

cr: http://yaplog.jp/kawaiteppei/archive/1295

@kawaiteppei: JUNIEL@ジージ 韓国から来て頑張ってますギター弾き語り、ジュニエルちゃん!今回から名前変更、JUNIE→JUNIELになりました!ルックスも唄も性格も、本当に素直で可愛いんです!5/12初ワンマン!応援お願いします!
JUNIEL@gee-ge. JUNIEL-chan, singing and playing guitar, came from Korea and is working hard! From this time, she changes her name from JUNIE to JUNIEL! Her looking, song and personality too, are very innocent and cute! March 12, the first one man live! Please support her!
cr: http://yaplog.jp/kawaiteppei/archive/1291

April 14, 2011
 cr: junieljp
JUNIEL-chan, from Korea, singing and playing guitar!
She has been getting better every time she performed live.

cr: http://yaplog.jp/kawaiteppei/archive/1317

@kawaiteppei: JUNIEL@ジージ 韓国出身17歳ギター弾き語り、ジュニエルちゃん!最近はピアノの曲も何曲か。これがすごい良い!やっぱり英語、韓国語のほうが感情入るのかしら。てことは日本語の唄もこれからさらに良くなるってことですね♪
JUNIEL@gee-ge. JUNIEL-chan, singing and playing guitar, from Korea, 17years old! Lately she performed some piano songs. They are pretty good! Wonder if she can put her emotion better in English and Korean songs, as expected. So, her Japanese songs will get even better from now♪
cr: http://yaplog.jp/kawaiteppei/archive/1310

April 21, 2011
JUNIEL-chan, from Korea, 17years old, singing and playing guitar!
Her MC that she carefully speaks in Japanese is damn cute!!
Her singing and songs are getting better and better, I’m looking forward to her future!
First one man live to be held on March 12~!!

cr: http://yaplog.jp/kawaiteppei/archive/1323

@kawaiteppei: JUNIEL@ジージ 韓国出身17歳のジュニエルちゃん!ギターもピアノもやります!ライブのクオリティはどんどん上がってて、あとは表現力が上がってくれば言うことなし!29日に初のミニアルバムリリースです!
JUNIEL@gee-ge. JUNIEL-chan, 17years old from Korea! She plays both guitar and piano! The quality of her live performance is increasing, it’d be perfect if the expressive ability will be improved! On 29, her first mini album to be released!
cr: http://yaplog.jp/kawaiteppei/archive/1320

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