[Video] Juniel studio live and her favorite music at “ツキイチMUSIK (Tsuki Ichi MUSIK)”

“Forever” by JUNIEL
– Studio Live at radio “Tsuki Ichi MUSIK” on April 28-30, 2012

video by junielove12 @ youtube

Personally, I love only acoustic guitar version even more than album version :D

in addition…
Here are the songs that Juniel played on the radio :) They are her favorites.

“Long Long Ago” by Acoustic Cafe
video by AyesThatsme

I didn’t know this song, but so beautiful! I love it ^^ Juniel told that she listens to this song when she feels exhausted.

“Marunouchi Sadistic” by Shiina Ringo
video by VirtuThe3rd

Juniel’s most favorite artist.  She told that she is influenced a lot by Ringo’s lyrics… Juniel sometimes uses words that is not for daily use. I think she may be influenced in that point :)
If you are interested in the lyrics.. Ringo’s lyrics and translations are available here
>> http://www.nostalgic-lavender.net/ringo/marunouchi.html

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