[Full Trans] JUNIEL regular radio “Tsuki Ichi MUSIK” 20120428

This is almost full translation.  It’s long and may be hard to read (because my English is not good yet ㅠㅠ), but I did my best! This is only thing that I can do for Juniel and Junielovers.  I wanted to do it in order to celebrate 1st anniversary of her indie debut and upcoming Korean debut. :p I’m not sure if I can continue this every month.. hahaha 
Juniel is a host of this program in every fourth week.  She talks by herself in 55minute program… wow! How amazing ^__^ I hope you’ll enjoy this.  If you need Japanese original text, tell me :)
Here we go! ^^/

Tuki Ichi MUSIK ~ JUNIEL Todoku Omoi (reachable feeling)~

tsuki ichi musikphoto by Tsuki Ichi MUSIK Blog

Everyone, how are you?  Nice to meet you, I’m JUNIEL.  “Tuki Ichi MUSIK ~ JUNIEL todoku omoi~”, this program starting from today is 55-minute “Sound Letter” (*).  I write words and music that I want to bring to you.  Please read it to the end.

(* You might wonder what is “sound letter” and why she had to write letter for Radio. Me too! lol  But it seems like this program’s concept.  She wrote a letter and read it on radio, as written below.)

“Nice to meet you, I’m JUNIEL.”

Umm, as it’s my first regular radio, I’m feeling responsible rather than feeling nervous.  But I’d like to do it just like me, to enjoy it.  At the very first episode, the first letter to you is my self-introduction.  I wrote it in order to tell what kind of artist I am to every listener of this program.  The title is “Nice to meet you. I’m JUNIEL.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m JUNIEL.  I was born on September 3, 1993 in Seoul, Korea.  I have lived very happily with my family, my father, mother and little brother.  To sum up my personality in one word, positive.  My favorites are music, western movies and reading, and I’m quite poor at hiding my emotions.

Being this kind of person, why did I come to Japan?  2 years ago, I was a senior high school student who wanted to be a singer with guitar and piano and to be a singer-songwriter.  Most Korean singers were dancers and there were few artists who sing and play instruments.  As I wanted to learn much more about music, I came to Japan, where there were many artists who sing and play instruments, and which is the closest country to Korea.  Living alone for my first time, I learned Japanese as well.  I listened to variety of music and started indie activity.  Like this, as I was learning various things hard, about 1.5 year passed before I knew it.  Now, I have activity in Japan as a singer-songwriter “JUNIEL”.

♪ Sakura ~todokanu omoi~ by JUNIEL

The song I have brought to you is “Sakura ~todokanu omoi~” by JUNIEL. This song was released on Feb. 15, 2012.  As this is the very first episode, I’d like to tell everyone what I like.  I will let you know the details.


“Tsuki Ichi Column”

This is JUNIEL’s “Tsuki Ichi MUSIK ~JUNIEL todoku omoi~”.  From now, “Tsuki Ichi Column”.  In this corner, I’m going to let you know what I’m interested in and what I feel every month.  Today, I will tell you what kind of artist I am, using the letter “Nice to meet you, I’m JUNIEL.”

First of all, I was born on Sep. 3, 1993.  18years old now, a Virgo, senior high school girl.  The name “JUNIEL” is from my real name Junie (JunHee) and added L standing for Love.  The reason why I added Love is that I do value emotions very much.  My goal is to convey my emotion and love to many people and to let them feel happiness by my song.  That’s why I added Love.

Secondly, I was born in a hospital in Seoul at 12:34. I grew up being fully loved.  12:34, September 3, 1993.  It’s easy to remember, right?  I grew up with living very happily with reliable father, kind mother and cheerful little brother.  I used to live in an apartment in Seoul.  There were a large inner garden in front of the apartment building, and I learned bicycle together with my brother from our father, and played catch all together with family.  I really was happy.  Ah~ I miss that time.

To sum up my personality in a word, I’m positive, as I wrote so in the letter that I read before.  My friends often say to me “You’re weird.  You’re scary as you’re too happy-go-lucky.”, “Sometimes you have unexpected side” and so on.  What is that?  Umm, once I had found myself too positive, but well, it’s good in its own way.  It never caused problems, you know.  I think it’s good.  Hmm, from now on, tell me how is my personality as you listen to my radio.

Then, please listen to song that JUNIEL, who grew up like that, composed.  First debut song as singer-songwriter JUNIEL, “Ready go!” from JUNIEL’s indie first mini album.

♪ “Ready go!” by JUNIEL


“Tsuki Ichi Music”

This is JUNIEL’s “Tsuki Ichi Musik ~JUNIEL Todoku Omoi~”.  From now on, “Tsuki Ichi Music”.  In this corner, I will bring to you songs I choose.  Today, I will play the very favorite songs from music that I have listened to.  Before that, I’d like to tell you what kind of things I like, as I’m giving my self-introduction today.

Well, currently I’m so into Hot Yoga.  Do you know hot yoga?  I heard yoga is popular in Japan too, so many of you should know it, but I will explain how I do hot yoga…

Everyone, please close your eyes and imagine.  Now it’s spring, the breeze is a little cool.  It’s cold, so you quickly change into wear for yoga and enter a hot room like sauna.  The room is about the size of classroom, and its walls are all mirror.  There are around 25 yoga mats.  You sit down where you like and wait for yoga teacher with stretching a little.  It’s kinda warm, you will feel so good only so far.

Ah, then, yoga teacher comes in!  First, you do an aerobic exercise for about 10minutes.  You stand up and do walking lightly at your place, and run a little.  As you come over here, you will sweat by little and little.  After this light aerobic exercise finishes, yoga starts.  While you’re doing various strange poses and taking long breaths, you do yoga for about 30minutes.  By this, you lose power and sweat a lot, and you’re in very hard situation.  After this finishes, aerobic exercise again.  This time, it’s not light.  You run full blast or die.  This is about 10 or 15 minutes.  You will feel eve harder than before.  I wanted to quit it, I thought.  After this, it ends after 5minute stretching.

This is the hot yoga that I have done so far.  How was it, everyone?  Could you imagine?  I said many negative words like “very hard”, but although you’ll feel very hard, somehow you will feel good.  You will sweat a lot, and your body will feel refreshed.  This really is the charm of hot yoga.  I (laugh).. I already lost 5kg since I started hot yoga.  My face has become small, and I have come to keep regular hours.  Somehow, I got excited by myself during explanation.  It’s as recommendable for you (as I got excited by myself)!  I’d like to continue doing it more and more.

Then, please listen to a song.  This is my favorite.  I remembered this song in talking about hot yoga a little while ago.  I often listen to this song when I feel very exhausted.  Without vocal, it’s a very relaxing song.

♪”Long Long Ago” by Acoustic Cafe

The song I have brought to you is “Long Long Ago” by Acoustic Cafe.  Then, I will tell you JUNIEL’s favorites.
Besides hot yoga, there is another thing that I’m into currently.  Urm, what should I call it?  I’m into cosmetics and, umm body care products.  I don’t know why, but I got so interested in cosmetics since 2012 started.  I searched on internet and learned various ways for makeup.  But I don’t look nice with heavy makeup, and I like natural and light makeup.  If it’s light, however you’re interested in cosmetics, you don’t use many cosmetics, right?  So, currently my interest is shifting to body care products and skin.  Well, they are all cosmetics, but currently I’m very into something like body care products of Lush and Body Shop.

In fact, originally my skin is relatively beautiful.  When I finish all things of the day and come back home, I feel tired, as expected.  I used to be too lazy even to wash my face, so I only changed clothes and sleep.  But my skin was always beautiful.  Even when I got a spot on my face, it disappeared naturally in several days.  One day, however, my mother said to me “Mom got various things (spots) on my face after 18years old”, so I got concerned about it.  After hearing that story, I looked at my face carefully, I found that it looked rougher than before, though there was not spot.  I searched for info about skin.  Then, I spotted info that Lush’s soap is good, then I went to Lush shop and got to be into the soap. I got interested not only in face, but also in body care products.  Currently I’m trying various body care products.  At last, as for face, I have gone to the point where I make facial mask by myself!

There are two things that I pay attention to when I choose soap or body care products.  First, the smell.  No matter how good for body the product is, I don’t use it if the smell is bad.  All in all, if I was told that I smelled strange, I would cry as my heart is made of glass.  And, the second one is moisture retention.  Somehow my skin is always lack of moisture, so I drink water a lot.  I use body lotion, and currently body butter and massage bar as well. No matter how good the product smells and even if I want to buy it, I don’t  if it’s not rich in moisture.  But massage bar and body butter are rich in moisture and smells good, so I have used them lately.

Then, please listen to another my favorite song. It’s not related to what I was talking so far at all (laugh), but it’s related to the next talk. Then, please listen, “Marunouchi Sadistic” by Shiina Ringo.

♪ “Marunouchi Sadistic” by Shiina Ringo


“Tsuki Ichi Live”

This is JUNIEL’s “Tuki Ichi MUSIK ~JUNIEL Todoku Omoi~”. From now, “Tsuki Ichi Live”.  Just as the title, it’s me, JUNIEL’s live performance corner.  Not just my songs, I will sometimes perform songs that you can’t hear anywhere else. Please look forward to it.

My music history starts with my father‘s story.  In fact,  my father used to be a boy who wanted to be a singer with guitar.  At that time, Korea had a hard time.  He saved his meager allowance by refraining everything that he wanted to eat or wanted to buy, and he gathered money.  When he bought a guitar and tried playing it, his elder sister took his guitar away, saying “Don’t do music and do study.”  Like this, his guitar was taken away from him about 5times, but he hid the guitar in friend’s house and practiced guitar by himself.

In the end, he couldn’t become a singer.  But, as time passed, he met my beautiful mother and married with her.  Since my mother had baby me on the way, he played guitar for me and let me listen to many pops, rock music and country music and so on.  That continued even after I was born.  Naturally, I grew up with listening to music from my father and with watching his playing guitar.  At that time I listened without a clue, but now I come to think of it, and to listen to music that I composed, I should be influenced by that time.  I’m very thankful to my father.  Of course I don’t remember all of the music as it was when I was very young, but probably I listened to Beatles, Led Zeppelin and many other kinds of music.

As time passed, I started singing when I was in elementary school.  At first, I wanted to be like BoA, so I tried dance as well.  But I was not talented in dance.  Then, I become into Avril Lavigne, and participated in many company’s auditions, practicing by myself.  I fell many times, and at last the company that I entered disappeared in a dark.  But as I didn’t give up and continued music, I could enter the company that I belong to now.  When I entered the company, I was in third year in junior high, hmm I was young, right? (laugh).  Just at that time I started guitar, and listened to Shiina Ringo and came to try composition.

Like this, although I did many things by myself, I felt that there was a limit to what I could learn in Korea, where there were few artists who sing with instruments.  Just at that time I was asked that “How about studying in Japan?” by the company, making me pretty happy.  Then I flied to Japan soon because I had wanted to study in Japan, where there were Shiina Ringo and YUI whom I had been yearning for.  It was when I just entered senior high school.  Then, I did indie activity and learned Japanese, and made major debut in last November. Now I’m a singer-songwriter JUNIEL! So far, I have explained JUNIEL’s music history.

Talking about it like this, I remember all memories like a movie.  It’s subtle psychology.  Hmm, I did work hard!  There were various difficulties, but none of them were what I couldn’t overcome.  Relatively, I have moved up slowly, step by step so far. Ah, though I didn’t tell it, my most favorite artist is Shiina Ringo, I think my lyrics have come under her influence.  And, currently I like a little hard music and I listen to Panic! At The Disco and Shiina Ringo very much.  Well, I listen to soft music very much, too.

Meanwhile, I’d like to perform live my major debut single’s song today, as this is the first broadcast of my first regular radio. Please listen.  “Forever” by JUNEL.

♪ “Forever” by JUNIEL (Live)
video by junielove12

♪ “Pinocchio” by JUNIEL

The song I have brought to you is “Pinocchio” by JUNIEL.

♪ “Travel” by JUNIEL

This is JUNIEL’s “Tsuki Ichi MUSIK ~Todoku Omoi~”. Now, the program is drawing near to the end.  Could I reach out to you? I looked around a lot and prepared for today’s radio.  Did you enjoy it? I want to make an enjoyable radio program from now, so I’d be glad if you listened to the next radio too.  I’m going to have activity of live performance and release.  For details, please visit my official homepage, juniel.jp. And, this program invites every listener’s message. Message for JUNIEL, problem, opinion, request, impression and so on, anything is fine.  The address for message is http://www.fjn.co.jp/tsuki . Please send your message.  Next week, Kou Shibasaki will be in charge of Tsuki Ichi MUSIK.  Don’t forget to listen to it, too.  Then, see you in next month! Bye bye ^^

Thank you so much for reading ^^

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