[Video|Lyrics|Rom|Eng] 猫の一日 (Neko No Ichinichi / Cat Day)

猫の一日 (Neko No Ichinichi / Cat’s Day)

song composed by JUNIEL, lyrics by CUL

studio version

by junielsg

live version (1st song in the vid)

by junieljp

preview before indie debut


[Japanese lyric] [Roman] [English Trans]

重たいまぶた 昼寝 午後の部屋
omotai mabuta hirune gogo no heya
Heavy eyelids, nap, room in the afternoon

散らかった机 飲みかけのミルク
chirakatta tsukue nomikake no miruku
Messy desk, unfinished milk

静かな空気 ぽつんとおかれた
shizukana kuki potsun to okareta
Quiet atmosphere, being left alone

tsumaranai jikan dake ga nagareru
Only boring time flows

ichi nichi ju dare mo inai heya
Room with nobody in it all day

tada karada marumete mita
Just I tried hunching my back

僕は今君のぬくもりが 今切なく懐かしいんだ
boku wa ima kimi no nukumori ga ima setsunaku natsukashiin da
Now I miss, now I miss your warmth

カーテンを開き 人ごみの中
katen wo hiraki hitogomi no naka
Opening the curtains, in the crowd

kimi no nioi wo sagashita
I searched your smell

hitoribocchi ni shinaide hoshii
I don’t want you to leave me alone

tada sora wo miagete mita
Just I tried looking up the sky

僕は今君のいないこの時間 今本当に疲れたんだ
bokuwa ima kimi no inai kono jikan ima honto ni tsukaretan da
Now I am…when you’re not here… now I am really tired

ドアが開く 僕を呼ぶ声 これから思いっきり甘えよう
doa ga hiraku boku wo yobu koe korekara omoikkiri amae yo
Doors opening, the voice calling me, from now I’ll depend on you in abandon

translated and romanized by yellow shoes

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