[Interview|Trans] JUNIEL Interview at Fukuoka Walker

Gentle voice brings sweet and sad feeling by. Interview on JUNIEL, who is a remarkable high school girl singer-songwriter from Korea!

May 11, 2012 – by Fukuoka Walker

While artists from Korea are getting popularity, JUNIEL, who is a singer-songwriter and a high school student, cuts a nice figure. As she released her second single “Sakura ~todokanu omoi~” on Feb. 15, we interviewed her and asked her secrets of composition.

Q. What brought you to have activity in Japan?

A. Currently in Korea, most artists are dancers and there are few who sing with instruments. As my father used to play guitar, I have been brought up surrounded by a variety of music, such as blues, pops and J-pop since I was a child. For me, “hikikatari (to sing with playing instrument by oneself)” is the Free Style that enables me to compose, write melody I like, and express my feelings best. So, I came to Japan in order to widen my music. That’s partly because I like Japanese artist Shiina Ringo, as well.

Q. As I compare you with her, I feel like that you two have quite different tastes (laugh). At any rate, you’re great in Japanese.

A. I have studied Japanese for 2years. Beginners class and intermediate class were okay, but as I have come to advanced class and studied Japanese including kanji, it’s very difficult. But these days I came to write lyrics directly in Japanese.

Q. Is there your favorite Japanese word?

A. It’s “Sakura” as I use it as song title. Sakura is my favorite flower, and the sound is beautiful when you pronounce it.

Q. The idea of beauty of word’s sound is new for me. Then, what do you value when you compose songs?

A. It’s emotion. For this, I take care about three things. One is to read many books. I try to read books receiving much attention from everyone, like bestseller. Another thing is to talk with others. Way of thinking is different to different people. However, as I talk to many people, I find common points that everyone feels sympathy. Last of all, to think by myself based on these two things. I don’t leave it as it is, but put in words in myself.

Q. This “Sakura ~todokanu omoi~” will be a song that you wrote in that way. What kind of song is it?

A. Sakura (cherry blossom) blooms at the warmest season in spring and it falls soon. In that point, I see the sweet and sad feeling at graduation season. I’d be glad if it would be a song sung at various places.

Q. Before ending the interview, please give message for fans in Fukuoka.

A. This time is my second visit to Fukuoka. I love Fukuoka, so it’s a pleasure to come here. I want to come back again for live concert or something. Please keep up your support!

source: Walker plus
translated by yellow shoes

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