[Pic|Trans] JUNIEL at Radio Breezy Saturday 120512

In the morning on May 12, 2012, JUNIEL’s comment was on radio Zipp FM “Breezy Saturday”. Zipp FM is a local radio station around Nagoya, so I guess it was recorded in late March, when JUNIEL visited there for “Sakura ~todokanu omoi~” promotion.

photo by Breezy Saturday Blog

JUNIEL appeared in Korean language lecture corner. Here is JUNIEL’s comment for listeners and Maya, the announcer.

“Ha~i! Zippy (the listeners) and Maya, 안녕하세요~.^^ I’m JUNIEL. Today, I lecture you about Korean language as a Korean language teacher. The word that I pick up today is ‘お茶(o-cha, tea)’. O-cha is ‘차(cha)’ in Korean. It’s the same!* huhu
By the way, in Korea, there are many kinds of tea. My most favorite one is ‘緑茶 (ryoku-cha, green tea)’. I have been loving green tea and often drank it in Korea. As there is the same thing in Japan, I often drink it now, too. 
Then, let’s review today’s Korean word! In Korean, ‘お茶(o-cha, tea)’ is ‘차(cha)’! Juniel’s favorite o-cha (tea) is ‘緑茶 (ryoku-cha, green tea)’ in Japanese, and it’s ‘녹차(nok-cha)’* in Korean. Once again, ‘녹차(nok-cha)’!
Everyone, let’s remember and use it!  안녕~^^”

*translator’s note: You can separate the Japanese word “o-cha” into o and cha. Cha means tea, just like the Korean word, and O is added for politeness. And as for nok-cha and ryoku-cha, Korean “n” sound is sometimes replaced with “r” in Japanese, and “k” is often replaced with “ku”. They originate in the same Chinese character.

Okay, let’s review…
[Japanese] – [Korean] – [English]
[o-cha(お茶)] – [cha(차)] – [tea]
[ryoku-cha(緑茶)] – [nok-cha(녹차)] – [green tea]

The announcer commented that JUNIEL is the most “healing” person. :D (you know, just hearing her voice and looking at her.. somehow you feel relaxed and healed kk)

“The Little Prince” and “Travel” played as background music.

After her corner, CNBLUE’s “Hey You” played. The announcer told that JUNIEL already debuted in Japan and is going to debut in Korea in late May as well, with debut song produced by CNBLUE’s YongHwa.

Let’s wait for the official announcement about her Korean debut! ^__^

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