[Video|Lyrics|Trans] Happy day

Happy day
                               song composed by JUNIEL, lyrics by JUNIEL, CUL

* 2nd track in the 2nd mini-album “Dream & Hope”

Studio version

by LemcT94

Live version (4th oneman live on 12th Aug, 2011)

by junieljp
* She wore Yukata (Japanese traditional summer clothes) ^^
So cute! She told that she wanted to perform live wearing Korean traditional clothes someday :)

[Japanese lyric] [Roman] [English Trans]

白いカーテンの中 キラキラ入る日差し
shiroi katen no naka kirakira hairu hizashi
Inside of white curtain, brilliant sunshine coming into

mukumuku me ga sameta kesa
I woke up feeling good this morning(*)

good morning radio DJ 香ばしいコーヒーの香り
good morning radio DJ koubashii koohii no kaori
good morning radio DJ, fragrance of coffee

kitto umaku iku yokan ga suru
I have a feeling that I can surely make it

nanka warai ga koborete shiawasena kibun 
Somehow I automatically smile feeling happy

kyou wa kuji demo hiite miyou
Today maybe I’ll try drawing lots

oh oh Happy day oh oh Happy smile
oh oh Happy sound oh oh Happy life (x2)
Oh my Happy day

肩にギターをかけ 何か軽い足取りで
kata ni gita wo kake nanka karui ashi dori de
Putting guitar on my shoulder, with kind of light feet

sekai no naka e hashire tara
If I can run into the world

おはようございます バニラice cream おばあちゃん
ohayou gozaimasu banira ice cream obaa-chan
Good morning, vanilla ice cream, grandma (old woman)

kyou mo shiawasena ichi nichi wo
Today too, have a happy day

プルルル 着信の音 先輩からのメール
purururu chakushin no oto sempai kara no meru
prrr sound of ringtone, mail from my senior

majide sora wo tonderu kibun
Seriously I’m feeling like flying in the sky

oh oh Happy day oh oh Happy smile
oh oh Happy sound oh oh Happy life (x2)
Oh my Happy day

*translator’s note:
In fact, “mukumuku me ga sameta” is not common phrase. “Me ga sameta” means “woke up”. “Mukumuku”  is an adverb usually used in the context that something gives off steam, or you become interested/motivated/courageous (implying without an efforts), etc. Maybe JUNIEL learned these idioms, and she meant that “woke up without an effort like a steam”(?) by “mukumuku me ga sameta”?  

translated and romanized by yellow shoes

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