[Full Trans] JUNIEL’s radio Tsuki Ichi Musik #2 (120526)

Hi JunieLovers! Sorry, I’m late.. but I worked hard.. >__< LOL
This is full translation of Juniel’s Japan regular radio, Tsuki Ichi Musik in May :) It’s kinda messy trans ~~ but I do hope you’ll enjoy ^^ hehe~


Tsuki Ichi Musik ~JUNIEL todoku omoi (reachable feeling)~ #2  — 26th May, 2012

Hello, everyone. How are you? This is JUNIEL. Tsuki Ichi Musik ~JUNIEL reachable feeling~, this program is 55minute-sound letter written with words and music that me, JUNIEL want to bring to everyone. Please read to the end.
This is my second Tsuki Ichi Musik, right? Everyone, how have you been this month? I went back to Korea and did various things in this month. First, as I am a high school student, I went to school, and I prepared for Korea major debut. I did recording, filmed PV/MV and had photo shoot for album cover, and did a lot. How have you been? huhu

Yes! Everyone, how was the first radio? When I saw my official site and my blog, I was very glad that many said it was fun. And there was a person who said that “Tsuki Ichi Musik” should be spelled “Music”. The origin is music, so m-u-s-i-c is correct, but this program is Tsuki Ichi Musik*, so it’s m-u-s-i-k. (*translator’s note: Musik is music in German.) It was a nice comment! huhu Thank you.

Last time, as expected, I think I was a little nervous for the first radio. But I had fun with recording, so I want to do with fun just like the last time. Then everyone, today too, please enjoy to the end.

Then, in Japan, Mother’s Day ended and Father’s Day is coming soon. So, this time I’d like to send to you a letter on which I wrote my feeling toward my parents, who brought me up. The title is “Dear father and mother”.

“Dear father and mother”

My father and mother are, as I told so on radio before, very reliable and kind, and they love me so much. To introduce my father, he has much in common with me. His face, foot/legs, hands all look like mine and his blood type is B, the same as me. He can play the guitar a little, and he loves music. I have been influenced a lot in music by my father. But, he is a little bit different from me in that he loves sweets. It seems that his belly has got larger and larger lately, I’m kind of concerned about that.

And to introduce my mother, she is a beauty with very beautiful eyes. Her eyes are very twinkle. Although she’s not (racially) mixed, but her eyes are a little green in transparent brown. At least eyes, I wanted to look like my mother. But I received it from father! And my mother absolutely is good at cooking. When I eat her food at home, I am always happy. Food that mother makes is the most delicious in the world. What dish it is, they all are delicious.

They are nice father and mother, right? I like them so much. Especially mother’s Kimchi Chige, I can’t forget it. How is your mother’s home cooking? Although everyone’s mother’s home cooking is different, but probably no one forget his/her one, right? I hardly have secrets from my father and mother or something I feel ashamed (to tell them). I’m like I ask their advice whatever happens, so I don’t have too many things that I can’t tell them. But there is something that I want them to hear, so I’d like to send a message to them.

“Father, mother, this is JUNIEL. As this is Japanese radio, I don’t know if you can hear, and even if you can hear, I don’t know if you understand or not. But just in case someone might translate this, listen. You always make efforts for my little brother and me whatever happens… and you love me. Thank you so much.

But, father and mother, I want you to think about yourselves a little more. My little brother and I are concerned about you as well as you are concerned about us. We already became mature enough to take care of ourselves! So, mother, go shopping, go to hospital and have medical exam without fail. Father… quit sweets, smoking and drinking. Especially I want you to quite drinking and smoking without fail! Because I want you to become a little more healthy. And, go on a trip with mother together. Little brother and I do properly, so don’t worry.

Father, mother, I always love you!

♪ We’re together / JUNIEL

The song I brought to you was JUNIEL’s “We’re together”. This time, as it’s between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, I will tell you about my parents, who brought me up, and others! I’m performing live too. And at the last of program, there are notification about presents. Stay tuned!

♪ Happy day / JUNIEL

The song I brought to you was “Happy day.”

This is JUNIEL’s “Tsuki Ichi MUSIK ~JUNIEL reachable feeling~”. From now, Tsuki Ichi Column. Me, JUNIEL will tell you about my interests and feelings. The theme of today’s Tsuki Ichi Column is Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and other Korean anniversaries.

“Tsuki Ichi Column”

Today, I wrote a letter for my parents at the opening, but somehow I gave only a sermon to them in the message. Somehow, as I get older year by year, I seem to give a sermon to parents everyday, rather than parents give a sermon to me. When they feel a little pain in something, “go to hospital”, “eat meal”, “sleep early”, like this, I often say to parents. I have never hated their sermons. huhu Somehow, I knew that all sermons so far were concerns and love. How about you, everyone? As expected, do you hate sermons? Or, maybe there are people who give more and more sermons like me?

By the way, in Japan, the second Sunday of May is Mother’s Day and the third Sunday of June is Father’s Day, right? In Korea, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are same, there is Parents’ Day, Eobeoinal (어버이날), on every 8th May. On Parents’ Day, there is a custom to give carnation. It’s same as Japanese Mother’s Day, right? Many children make carnation with color paper and give them. I made many carnations and gave them, and put them on around parents’ chest. I was kind of poor at making like that… the shape was not very good. huhu And, May has another special day! 15th May is Teacher’s Day, Seuseung-ui nal (스승의 날). You go to see a teacher whom you really want to thank, call him/her up or give presents or flowers.

I researched more Korean anniversaries! I was surprised that there are more than I had thought. Although almost every day is an anniversary, but I chose some typical ones.

1st Jan. is New Year’s Day. 14th Feb. is Valentine’s Day. 14th Mar. is White Day. 1st Apr. is April Fool. It’s same as Japan so far. 5th Apr. is Tree-Planting Day. Tree-Planting Day is a day to plant trees and flowers. And, 1st May is Labor’s Day. On Labor’s Day, in gratitude to labors, labors have a holiday to get motivated for their work. 5th May is Children’s Day. It’s the same as Japan, too. 8th May is, just as today’s theme, father’s and mother’s day, Parents’ Day. 15th May is Teacher’s Day. The third Monday of May is Coming-of-Age Day. And 5th June is Environmental Day. There are very many events about environment. 4th Sep. is Taekwondo’s Day. It’s a day when Korean National sport Taekwondo became an official Olympic event. 2nd Oct. is Aged-People’s Day. 9th Oct. is Hangeul’s Day. The last Tuesday of Oct. is Saving’s Day. 11th Nov. is Pepero Day. In Japan, it’s Pocky’s Day, right? 25th Dec. is Christmas. Maybe that’s all? I told only typical ones, but there’re so many anniversaries.

Yes. Ah, come to think of it, in Korea, there are anniversaries that change every year. Buddha’s Birthday, New Year and ChuSeok(추석), which is Obon in Japan, are anniversaries of the Lunar Calender, so they change the date every year.

Buddha’s Birthday is 8th Apr. of the Lunar Calendar, it’s 28th May this year, but last year it was 10th May. So, holiday changes every year as well. And, Korean New Year is based on the Lunar Calender, and changes every year. 1st Jan. is New Year’s Anniversary (Shinnyeon Ginyeom-il, 신년 기념일) and New Year’s Day is 1st Jan. of the Lunar Calender… last year it was 3rd Feb, but this year it was 23th Jan. And, ChuSeok, which is Obon in Japan, was from 11th Sep. to 13th Sep. of last year, but this year it’s from 29th Sep. to 1st Oct. Although it’s a little complicated, but isn’t it interesting? As I told this to Japanese staff, they really got surprised. I grew up naturally like this since I was young, I hadn’t found it strange, but it seems to be interesting.

Ah! Yes, I forgot. There are two most important anniversaries! First, it’s an anniversary on 3rd Sept. It’s the anniversary that I love the most, do you know what it is? Yes, 3rd Sept. is JUNIEL’s birthday! Yeah!! huhu. At the last radio, I read self-introduction letter, right? I was born in 3rd Sept., 1993. Somehow I’m happy and feel a lump in my throat on birthday.

Another anniversary is JUNIEL’s Day on 12th day of every month. When I was indie, I decided that 12th day of every month is JUNIEL’s day and I had one man live concerts on the date. Although it ended in last December, but it really was happy time. So, still now when 12th day comes, somehow I think “it’s JUNIEL’s day!” and feel happy. I want everyone to remember these two anniversaries by all means. Everyone, remember JUNIEL’s birthday on 3rd Sept. and JUNIEL’s day on 12th day of every month. You will have your important anniversary, so have a nice anniversary of yourself. Then, I’ll give one song to you. JUNIEL’s “Sakura ~unreachable feeling~”.

♪ Sakura ~todokanu omoi (unreachable feeling)~ / JUNIEL

This is JUNIEL’s “Tsuki Ichi Musik ~ JUNIEL reachable feeling~.” From now, Tsuki Ichi Music. At this corner, I bring songs that I choose to you. As I wrote letter about parents today, I’d like to choose a song for each of mother and father.

“Tsuki Ichi Music”

First, a song dedicated to mother. The song that JUNIEL wants to send to mother is YUI-san’s “to mother.” The reason why I chose this song is I felt sympathy with the lyric, as well as I like the warm melody very much. Just as the title “to Mother”, it’s a song that I want to let mother hear. As expected, she doesn’t know (the meaning) unless she looks for the translation, though. Then, I will play the number that I chose for mother. YUI’s “to Mother.”

♪ to Mother / YUI
by ichiguuwoterasu

The song played is YUI’s “to Mother.”

Then, next, let’s introduce a song that JUNIEL chose for father. The song that I want to send to father is… As my father’s most favorite artist is Eric Clapton, so I wondered so much whether to choose Eric Clapton’s “Tears in Heaven” or Drek and the Dominos’s “Layla“. Tears in Heaven is a song that you can feel Eric Clapton’s feeling as a father very much, and Layla is actually my father’s most favorite song… hmm, but the theme is a song for father, and Tears in Heaven is a little sad song, so I decided Layla, which father loves. Then, I’ll play the number for father. Derek and the Dominos’s “Layla”.

(* translator’s note: Drek and the Dominos is a band that Eric Clapton belonged to.)

♪ Layla / Drek and the Dominos

by sleepenthusiast

This is JUNIEL’s “Tsuki Ichi Musik ~JUNIEL reachable feeling~”. From now, Tsuki Ichi Live. Just like the title, it’s me, Juniel’s live performance corner. Today, before the live, I’d like to talk a little about how I practiced guitar.

Tsuki Ichi Live

Well, I started guitar at the 3rd year of junior high school. Around that time, I listened to song of Shiina Ringo-san, whom I love so much, for the first time. At first, I got a small acoustic guitar from a senior I knew. I didn’t know what brand it is, it was just a practice guitar. I started with chromatic guitar scale exercise, then practiced chords, and practiced songs one by one. Then, around the time when I became able to play songs, I bought my first guitar. The first guitar I bought is Taylor’s Big Baby. It’s a little smaller size than usual one, and it’s the guitar that I have used so far. When I bought it, I was extremely happy and practiced only guitar all day, everyday. Lately I practiced singing, composition, arrangement and piano, various things together, so I’m trying to practice (guitar) preferably when I have time.

Meanwhile, what I’m performing live today is the song that I practiced guitar and singing together for my first time. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door. It’s a famous masterpiece, right? It originally is a Bob Dylan’s sng, but I practiced listening to Avril Lavigne‘s Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door. I have a memory that I was very glad to complete it for my first time. Then, please listen. Juniel’s “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.”

♪ Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door / JUNIEL [studio live]

by junielove12 

Thank you.

This is JUNIEL’s “Tsuki Ichi Musik ~reachable feeling~”. Well, it’s drawing near the end. Did my feeling reach you in some degree? Today, the second program is ending. Today too, as expected, I had very very fun! I didn’t become nervous today, so I think I was a little more relaxed and showed my real face. Oh, isn’t it like that? Is it the same as the previous time? Sorry! huhu

Well, as today’s theme, I talked a lot about my father and mother. As I wrote my letter for mother and father today, I want to help my parents from now, I’ll become a nicer daughter. You too, I hope you to think about your parents after listening to this program today. I have half a mind to say thank you to parents again, properly in Korean, when I come back to Korea this time. You too, try telling your thanks to parents on telephone, letter or text (phone message) after this program ends. And, please let me hear how it is.

This program invites every listener’s message. Message for JUNIEL, problem, opinion, request, impression and so on, anything is fine. And, requests on music selecting theme is also welcome. The address for message is w-w-w dot j-f-n dot c-o dot j-p slush t-s-u-k-i. Once again, www.jfn.co.jp/tsuki. Please send your message. You can access on your phone, too.
**She’s holding Juniel special Quo cards.**

Moreover, this month there is present from me. Juniel’s original Quo card. I’m going to send it to 12people. The reason why it’s 12 is JUNIEL’s 12 (ju-ni). huhu Yes, if you like, please send it with your name and address on Tsuki Ichi Musik’s homepage. And, for Juniel’s info, please check out Juniel’s official homepage. The address is juniel.jp. j-u-n-i-e-l dot j-p. You can search by “Juniel”. The next week, Kou Shibasaki is in charge of Tsuki Ichi Musik. Don’t forget to listen! Then, see you in the next month! Bye Bye~ ^^

♪ Forever / JUNIEL

source: Tsuki Ichi Musik, Juniel Blog
translated by yellow shoes

Thank you for reading! ^^

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