[Pic|Trans] 110705 JUNIEL Blog “Mona Records!”



Mona Records!

Yesterday, I performed live at Mona Records at Shimo-kitazawa, after a long period♬
Mona Records is a very fancy club and it’s my favorite club!
Then! Yesterday, Mona Records-san! Did let me put my albums there!
Putting my albums in my favorite place! T_T!
I’m glaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!♥
It really is blessing, right! Everyone, if you go to Shimo-kitazawa by chance, please visit there!
Because there is a very fancy cafe too! The food looked very delicious!
I think I’m going to go on my day off (*^o^*)

source: JUNIEL Blog
translated by Yellow Shoes

JUNIEL loves Mona Records very much… She told that it’s her favorite club again and again haha
As she mentioned cafe, Mona Records is cafe (2nd floor) & club/live space (3rd floor). I have been to only the club, but it really has fancy and natural atmosphere. ^^
In March, JUNIEL finally confirmed the taste of food… kkk

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