[Pic|Trans] 110811-2 JUNIEL Blog “Maple House”



久しぶりに聴いた「Ryu Matsuyama」さんの歌

やっぱり すごいだったし かっこよかったです!!


本当に本当にかんどうで とても たのしかったです♡

みんなすごかったな。 私も「もっとがんばらないと!」

と思いました!! >_<

Maple House

Before one man live, yesterday I performed live at “Maple House”.

Song of “Ryu Matsuyama”-san, which I heard after an interval, was
as expected, awesome and cool!!

The other bands’ songs have feeling that I like too,
I really really was moved and very fun

All were awesome. “I have to try harder!”
I thought!! >_<

source: JUNIEL Blog
translated by Yellow Shoes

Maple House is a live house (club), where Juniel often performed before her Japan major debut.

Since it seems like she was inspired a lot by that day’s live, I searched a little.
Who performed there on that day? According to the Maple House’s website, the performer on August 10th, 2011 were…
“Ryu Matsuyama / JUNIEL / Emotioness∽Emotion / AKEMIの世界”
(cr: http://www.maplehouse.jp/schedule/8gatsu.html)

Ryu Matsuyama – The “Wave”

video by scralab

Omg I like it! Just for your info, this video is filmed at Maple House :)

Emotioness∽Emotion – きみとなら夢中になれる(Kimi to nara muchu ni nareru/I can be passionate if I’m with you)

video by eki210dokupinoko

AKEMIの世界(Akemi no sekai/AKEMI’s world) – What a wonderful world (cover)

video by aiai998

How are they? I like these kind of music too… ^^
Watching these videos, I realized again that it’s so hard to “succeed” in music scene however talented you are~
Fighting Junhee!
But… my biggest wish is that she will always enjoy herself. ^^

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