[Pic|Trans] 110817 JUNIEL Blog “Thank you!”



私 皆さんにハッピーな時間を作ってもらいたかったからとても頑張ったんで





Thank you!

Everyone! August one man live finished!

I made so much efforts because I wanted everyone to make a happy time! While I was making efforts like this, I became very happy by contraries, which was very nice! ♥

Today I performed live wearing Japanese yukata for my first time, but I want to show my performance with wearing Korean traditional clothes “한복(hanbok)” someday!

Actually, to perform live wearing “한복(hanbok)” is one of what I’ve been dreaming of for years..(^_^) Please look forward to it, too!

Thank you so much!

Please come to see me again♪

source: JUNIEL Blog
translated by Yellow Shoes

“today”?? I wonder when she wrote this blog~
it was posted on 17th August, but the one man live was on 12th…
maybe fnc staff or Juniel forgot to post it? lol haha
She is so hyper on this blog, really had happy time together with fans ^^

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