[Full Trans|Photo] 120623 JUNIEL Radio “Tsuki Ichi Musik” #3

JUNIEL’s Japan Regular Radio
“Tsuki Ichi Musik” #3 – 120623

* Tsuki Ichi Musik -Juniel hosts this program on 4th Saturday of every month. The program is aired on every Saturday on most Japan FM radio stations. 

Hello, how are you? This is Juniel. “Tsuki Ichi Musik ~Juniel reachable feeling~”. This program is 55-minute sound letter that I make with words and music for you all. You know what? This time, I’m running this program while being in Korea. That is because actually I debuted in Korea on 7th June (applause). So, today, as I debuted in Korea, my letter for you is about Korean nice things. The title is “My dear Korea.”

My dear Korea is my home country and I grew up there. It’s the country that I know best about. My most favorite spot in Korea is Garosu-gil (가로수길). It’s a beautiful town in Shinsa-dong, Seoul. A lot of very cute clothes and accessories are sold there, and there are many shops and cafes serving nice food. As well as various nice spots in Korea, Korean people are very nice, of course. Korean people are known as warmhearted people. They can become friends at first meeting, they all have a warm personality. Maybe they are like “We’re together”?

Then, let’s play a song. “We’re together”.

♪ We’re together / JUNIEL

The song that I played was “We’re together” by Juniel.

As now I’m in Korea, this time I will tell you about my home country, Korea. Have you all been to Korea? I hope you to tell me your memory in Korea via mail. In the latter half of this program, I’m going to perform live. Please look forward to it.


♪ falling in love / JUNIEL

[Tsuki Ichi Column]

This is Juniel’s “Tsuki Ichi Musik ~Juniel reachable feeling~”. From now, Tsuki Ichi Column. I tell you something interesting for me and what I feel. Today, at the opening, I wrote a letter to introduce Korean things to you all. In this corner, I’ll tell you various Korean info that I’d like to recommend to Japanese people.

As I said that I like Garosu-gil, there are recommendable shops. My most favorite food are sandwiches and Patbingsu (팥빙수, shaved ice dessert). In Garosu-gil, there are a sandwich shop called “Bucella” and tart shop called “Duex Cremes”. Buccella’s sandwiches and Duex Cremes’ Patbingsu are amazingly delicious, I love them. I often go to eat them. Especially, among sandwiches of Bucchella, the sandwich shop, there is a very delicious sandwich containing shrimp and avocado. Shrimp, avocado and various vegitables in round shaped bread. It’s a healthy sandwich, just like Subway’s. It’s a bit difficult to explain, but if you come to Korea, please visit there.

If you like to experience a bit more traditional Korean town, culture and food, I recommend Insa-dong (인사동), and Samcheong-dong (삼청동). Insa-dong and Samcheong-dong are connected by a road. If you start at Samcheong-dong and walk slowly to Insa-dong, you will experience a lot of traditional Korean houses and Korean foods. I like traditional Korean feelings, so I sometimes go there with my mother and eat Korean foods.

Until now, I have recommended Korean nice spots.
By the way, this time I received a message asking me a question, so I’ll introduce it. From radio name (nick name on radio) “Kana-juni”-chan, a teenage girl same as me.

“Juniel-chan, good evening. This is my first message. I love songs that Juniel-chan sings. I always receive energy. Thank you. This time, what I want to ask Juniel-chan is about Japanese food. What do you like the best in Japanese food? Just for your info, I like Sushi. And, if there is a recommendation of Korean food, please tell me.”

Like this, she gave me a cute message.

Yes, Kanajuni-chan, first of all, this is the first message I received! Thank you so much. You said you love my songs, thank you much more~! Well, Japanese food that I like most is… I really like Japanese food, Okonomiyaki that I ate at Osaka and Tai-chazuke at Fukuoka were really delicious. But I love sushi the best, too. Originally I loved sushi, and I often went to eat it in Korea, too. Japanese sushi has bigger sashimi (raw fish slice), and when I ate egg and Otoro (tuna with high fat content) of sashimi, I became into Japanese sushi! I love it.

And as for Korean food, I recommend food called Gujulpan (구절판). Gujulpan is a traditional food. Nowadays it’s a little hard to find a spot where you can eat it. But, it is very delicious food. One dish is separated to nine, and seven kinds of namul and one meat are in each corner. In the center, there is a crepe-like sheet made of flour. You wrap meet and namul with the sheet and eat it. It’s a little hard to explain, right. But it really really is delicious food, it’s the most recommendable. If you can come to Korea, you must eat Gujulpan.

Not saying with your impression on the program, we’re always inviting your message, such as what you ask me, what you want to know, requests, wish and so on. I want to introduce a lot! Now, I’ll bring a song to you. “Travel” by Juniel.

♪ Travel / JUNIEL


[Tsuki Ichi Music]

This is Juniel’s “Tsuki Ichi Musik ~Juniel reachable feeling~”. From now, Tsuki Ichi Music. In this corner, I choose music and bring it to you. This month June is a season for June Bride. There are many people who got married or whose friend got married, aren’t there? Then, this time I chose music that I want to play at my wedding… Although I have no plan to get married as I’m still 18years old (international age), I chose it!

First, this is a very lovely duet song. It’s a song “Lucky” that Jason Mraz duet with Colbie Caillat. The reason why I chose this song is that when I appeared on a Korean radio show the other day, artist called R&J appeared together. They are duo of a woman and a man. There was a corner that we sing cover songs in the radio show. R&J sang “Lucky” then, and I felt very happy as if I was flying in the sky. It was so nice that I felt like to fall in love soon. So, I thought it may be nice if I can feel like that at a wedding. That’s why I chose this song. Somehow, I think I will be happy if I exchange the rings and kiss with my future husband, and hear the song with being celebrated by many guests. Just imagining this, I’m already happy. In fact, such a wedding is my wish. Then, now I bring the song to you. “Lucky” by Jason Mraz feat. Colbie Caillat.

♪ Lucky / Jason Mraz feat. Colbie Caillat

Next, I play one more song that I want to play at my wedding. I introduce a song of my friend whom I met at taiban (a joint live concert) during my indie activity. She is a singer songwriter called Yakumo Miko and the song is “Koi ni Ochite” (falling in love). Miko-san is one year older than me, and we share our birthday. So, at first we talked with each other and got a little closer like that. But these days she seems to remain off music activity, so I couldn’t see her at all. But, I love Miko-san’s songs. I listen to her CD on ipod till now. It’s a very warm and sweet-bitter song. It’s just like the title “Koi ni ochite” (falling in love), right. Actually, since I first heard Miko-san singing this song, I wanted to play it at my wedding and to listen together with my loved one. As I hear this song, somehow tears almost well up in my eyes soon. Then, I play the second song that I chose for my wedding. “Koi ni Ochite” by Yakumo Miko.

♪ 恋に落ちて (Koi ni Ochite) / 八雲ミコ (Yakumo Miko)

How was it? I welcome your requests for theme of selecting music. Please send it from Tsuki Ichi Musik’s website.


[Tsuki Ichi Live]

This is Juniel’s “Tsuki Ichi Musik ~Juniel reachable feeling~”. From now, Tsuki Ichi Live. Just like the title, it’s Juniel’s live performance corner. As well as my own songs, I sometimes perform songs that you can’t hear anywhere else. Please look forward to it.

Hmm, I made Korean debut with “illa illa” this month. As it’s my home country, I was so excited and looking forward to it. However, people around me expected a lot, so I was concerned, too. But somehow, maybe because I had activity in Japan, I felt like I had had activity in Korea (earlier) too, rather than feeling like I debuted Korea at last. It’s strange, but… I felt like my parents and friends around me were more pleased than me.

To introduce my work that I debuted in Korea with, titled “My First June”, the debut mini album consists of 5 songs. Lead song “illa illa” is composed by the best Korean composer, Kim DoHoon-san. Also, “Ready Go!”, “Mask” and “Everlasting sunset”, which are released in Japan, too, are included. The last song is a bit special, it’s “Babo (Fool/Supid)” is included. It’s a gift from senior label mate CNBLUE’s YongHwa-sempai. It’s a very lovely song. When I have activity in Japan, I always released songs all composed by me. But this time, as I got two songs from great composers, I felt kind of fresh/new and enjoyed it.

Then, today I perform live a song titled “illa illa”, which is in the debut mini album. It’s this album’s lead song. Well, in fact, the word “illa illa” does not originally exist. If you see the lyrics, there is a scene that one feels sad with seeing a flower on the street and thinking of one’s first love. The sad emotion that you can feel at that scene and the flower blooming on the street is named “illa illa”. So, it’s a new made word. Then, please listen. “illa illa” by Juniel.

♪ illa illa / JUNIEL (live)

Thank you.


♪ Ready go! (Korean version) / JUNIEL

♪ Forever / JUNIEL

This is Juniel’s “Tsuki Ichi Musik ~Juniel reachable feeling~.” Then, the end of program is drawing near. Has my feeling reached to you in some degree? Today, the third time of this radio is done. How fast time passes, as the third one is already ending. Today too, it was very, very fun time. Today as I’m in Korea and talk various things to people in Japan, I remember my Japan life gradually. I became missing Japan. I want to see you all in Japan! I want to come to Japan again. But everyone, after Korean activity ends, I’m surely going to come to Japan. So please wait for me for a while.

For new info, please visit my official homepage. The address is juniel.jp and juniel.co.kr. There are website both in Japan and Korea, so please check them out.

Also, the program invites all listeners’ message. Messages for Juniel, problems, opinions, requests, and impression and so on, anything is fine! I welcome theme of selecting music, too. The address of message is http://www.jfn.co.jp/tsuki . I hope you will send. You can access on phone, too. Next week, BONNIE PINK-san has in charge of Tsuki Ichi Musik as special one. Please check it out. Then, see you next month. Bye bye ^^

♪ illa illa / JUNIEL

source: Tsuki Ichi Musik Radio & Blog (photo)


That’s all :) Thank you for reading!  and I’m sorry for this late posting. I hope you enjoyed!

This time, I wondered if she can do this radio as she’s busy on her illa illa activity in Korea. But she really did well, I’m most impressed by her selection of wedding song xD It seems like FNC artists love Jason Mraz?? and I didn’t know Yakumo Miko, but I love her song, too ^^ I hope she will be back to music in future. 

Juniel is wanting your message like that, so if you have message or request for her, feel free to tweet me or to leave comment here! I will send message~ ^^

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