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The third time! June, from Korean studio! – 2012-06-23


2011年11月2日 シングル「Forever」でメジャーデビュー。
2012年2月15日 2ndシングル「さくら~とどかぬ想い~」をリリース。
そんな、JUNIELが毎月お届けする番組が『ツキイチMUSIK JUNIEL~届く想い~』

Profile: JUNIEL. Born in 3rd September, 1993. 18years old.
Singer songwriter from Korea.
2nd Nov. 2011, major debut with single “Forever”
15th Feb. 2012, 2nd single “Sakura ~todokanu omoi (unreachable feeling)~” release
“Tsuki Ichi Musik JUNIEL ~todoku omoi (reachable feeling)~” is the program that JUNIEL brings to you every month.


This program is 55-minute sound letter made by words and music that JUNIEL, who is learning Japanese now, wants to bring to listeners.
Please read to the end.(*1)

“Today I recorded at a studio in Korea!”


Then, this is the third broadcasting.
This time, because JUNIEL made a long-awaited Korean debut,
she made a letter about her dear Korea from a studio in Korea, her home country.

るし、性格も温かいです!みんな「We Are Together」って感じかな?

“My dear Korea is the country where I grew up, and the place I know best about.
Korean people are of course nice. They are well-known as warmhearted people. They become friends at first meeting and have warm personality! Maybe they are like “We Are Together”?


And, today JUNIEL introduced most recommendable Korean food.


是非、見つけた際はみんなで食べてみてはいか がでしょうか?

The name is “Gujulpan (구절판)”.

On a dish, there are eight(*2) kinds of vegetables and meat.
In the center, there is sheet like crepe-like sheets.
You wrap them with the sheet and eat it. It is said that it’s a traditional Korean food that it’s hard to find even in Korea now.
How about eating if you find it?


And, as today is in season of June Bride,
JUNIEL selected music that she want to play at her wedding!
Because she is still 18years old, her wedding is hardly imagined, but she managed to select!

『My First June』から、モダンポップに仕上がったナンバー
「illa illa」をお届けしました。
そこを歩く道端に咲いている、花の名前を「illa illa」と名づけました!

Moreover, at Tsuki Ichi Live, she performed live this month, too!
Today, she performed a modern pop number ‘illa illa’, from JUNIEL’s Korean debut mini album “My First June.”
They gave name ‘illa illa’ to the feeling that you feel sad with remembering your first love, and the flower blooming by the side of a rode you walk on!

“Korean studio is cozy!!”


M1 We’re together / JUNIEL
M2 Falling in love / JUNIEL
M3 Travel / JUNIEL
M4 Lucky / Jason Mraz feat. Colbie Caillat
M5 恋に落ちて  / 八雲ミコ
M6 Illa illa (スタジオ生演奏) / JUNIEL
M7 Forever / JUNIEL

Here are today’s OA music♪

M1 We’re together / JUNIEL
M2 Falling in love / JUNIEL
M3 Travel / JUNIEL
M4 Lucky / Jason Mraz feat. Colbie Caillat
M5 Koi ni Ochite / Yakumo Miko
M6 Illa illa (studio live) / JUNIEL
M7 Forever / JUNIEL


Also, we are welcoming message!
Message for JUNIEL, problems, opinion, requests, impressions and so on, anything is fine!
We are welcoming the feeling you want to tell!
Theme for selecting music is also welcome!

source: Tsuki Ichi Musik Blog

 *1 Sometimes I’m asked if it should be “listen”, not “read”. Actually she said/the blogger wrote “read” as this radio program is sound “letter”. haha
 *2 This blog says there are “nine” vegetables and meat, but JUNIEL said “seven kinds of namul and one kind of meat”… so shouldn’t it be “eight”?

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