[Blog|Trans] 120723 JUNIEL blog “Everyone♪”

2012-07-23 10:29:27

皆さん♪  – Everyone♪






Recording for the radio to be aired in June finished!

This time, I recorded with communicating on skype with radio staff in Japan,
Wi-Fi was weak and the connection on skype was lost on the way, so it was a bit hard!

But, this way was my first time and it was so fun,
and it was funny that radio director’s face stopped at times as Wi-Fi was weak!

I feel a little lonely that I have only 2 episodes left…
But I will work hard on the 2 episodes, too!

Please listen by all means!!!^_^

source: JUNIEL Blog
translated by yellow shoes

kkk she enjoyed that the director’s face stopped.. lol
I’ve just known that her regular radio would end in September. >.< I feel a bit lonely too, but yeah around that period she would release new songs in Japan maybe? I’m so looking forward for it!!

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4 Responses to [Blog|Trans] 120723 JUNIEL blog “Everyone♪”

  1. JUNIELind✿ says:

    me too >< Im looking forward for JUNIEL's Upcomin Japan album ;3 awww her own composed songssss, new cute simply Chubby cheek PV ;3

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