[Radio|Trans] JUNIEL at Tsuki Ichi Musik Blog #4 (120728)

The forth episode! July too, from Korean studio!

Profile: JUNIEL. Born in 3rd September, 1993. 18years old.
Singer songwriter from Korea.
2nd Nov. 2011, major debut with single “Forever”
15th Feb. 2012, 2nd single “Sakura ~todokanu omoi (unreachable feeling)~” release
“Tsuki Ichi Musik JUNIEL ~todoku omoi (reachable feeling)~” is the program that JUNIEL hosts every month.
This program is 55-minute sound letter made by words and music that JUNIEL, who is learning Japanese now, wants to bring to listeners.
Please read to the end.(*)

Then, this broadcast was the forth time.
This time, we recorded it with connecting Korea, where JUNIEL was born, and Japan on Skype.

As the summer has finally come in Japan!
Today, JUNIEL told about Summer Korea info!
At first, she started with reading her letter, as usual! The title is “Summer Memory”

“I like spring, summer, fall and winter all. But, I have a little bit trouble with summer.
I feel as if I stay in sauna.
But, speaking of summer, sea is the best! And, typical summer food is
Pabpinseu (팝핀스, Korean shaved ice)!!! I look forward for it every year!!
Every summer, I visit sea and volley with family or friends!
If I can go somewhere in this summer, I want to go to sea and volley with family and friends!”

Then, Tsuki Ichi Column! This month, Korean summer info from JUNIEL!

Especially popular spots are volleys in YangPyeong (양평) and GaPyeong (가평)!
And, sea at Haeundae (해운대) and Gwangali (광안리) in Busan!
In summer vacation, many people gather there.
Also, while the best summer event is firework festival in Japan,
in Korea there are many kinds of concerts and horror houses!

Then, this time, in response to request from radio name “Miyuu”-san in Mie, JUNIEL selected “songs to hear in summer”!

JUNIEL selected these two songs,
♪ We Are! / Kitadani Hiroshi   ♪ Americano / 10cm

“We Are!” is a theme song of anime “One Piece”, which is popular in Korea, too!
She feels summer as they travel(?) on sea and the character wears a straw hat!
10cm (십센치) is a Korean popular band! She loves the both songs!

Here are this month’s On Air songs♪
M1 Dream & Hope / JUNIEL
M2 With You / JUNIEL
M3 Travel / JUNIEL
M4 illa illa / JUNIEL
M5 We Are! / Kitadani Hiroshi
M6 Americano / 10cm
M7 Everlasting Sunset / JUNIEL
M8 少年(boy) (studio live) / JUNIEL
M7 Forever / JUNIEL

Also, we are welcoming message!
Message for JUNIEL, problems, opinion, requests, impressions and so on, anything is fine!
We are welcoming the feeling you want to tell!
Theme for selecting music is also welcome!

For JUNIEL info,

* Sometimes I’m asked if it should be “listen”, not “read”. But actually, she said/the blogger wrote “read” as this radio program is sound “letter”. 

source: Tsuki Ichi Musik Blog
translated by yellow shoes

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