[Full Trans|Radio] JUNIEL Tsuki Ichi Musik #4

Tsuki Ichi MUSIK ~ JUNIEL reachable feeling~ #4 (120728)

Hello, how are you? This is JUNIEL. “Tsuki Ichi MUSIK ~ JUNIEL reachable feeling~”.  This program is 55-minute sound letter made by words and music that JUNIEL wants to bring to listeners. Please read(*) to the end.

* It might be a bit weird to “read” radio, but she said “read” actually… maybe because this radio show is “sound letter” haha

This time, too, I’m recording in Korea. These days it’s cloudy in Korea, and it rains almost everyday. Probably, rainy season will come soon, I guess. In Japan, is rainy season already over? Finally, the summer is officially coming! So, this time’s letter from me to you is, exactly, a letter filled with JUNIEL’s summer. The title is “Summer Memory.”

“I like spring, summer, fall and winter, all of four seasons. There are enjoyable things and good things on each season. But, hehe. Although I like all, to be honest, I have a little bit trouble with summer. I kind of feel like I stay in sauna…hehe. But, speaking of summer, sea is the best! And, typical summer food, Patbingsu (팥빙수)! I really really look forward for it! Every summer I went to sea and volley with family and friends. And I ate Patbingsu without fail. This summer too, if I can go somewhere, I want to go to sea and volley with family and friends!”

♪ Dream & Hope / JUNIEL

The song I played is “Dream & Hope” by JUNIEL.

As finally the summer has come, I will tell you various things about JUNIEL’s summer memory that I wrote on letter, too. How do you enjoy summer? This time, there is live performance too, so please look forward to it! Of course, I will play summer songs, too!

♪ with you / JUNIEL

The song I played is “with you” by JUNIEL

Tsuki Ichi Column

This is JUNIEL’s “Tsuki Ichi MUSIK ~ JUNIEL reachable feeling~”. From now, Tsuki Ichi Column. I tell you what I’m interested in and what I feel every month. Today, I wrote about summer memory on letter for you… In this corner, I will tel various things of summer for me.

As I wrote earlier, when the summer vacation comes, Korean young people go to sea and volley. Especially popular hot spot is volley in Gapyeong (가평), YangPyeon (양평). And, sea at Haeundae (해운대) and Gwangali (광안리) in Busan. They are places that I love, and many people gather there in summer vacation. While firework festival is the best in summer in Japan, in Korea there are various events like concert and horror house. Many famous artists and idols come to concerts. As for horror house, people enter holding hand in hand. There are various events depending on places, so there’re a lot of fun!

Korean summer food is my most, most, mooooost favorite food, Patbingsu. Hmm, Naengmyeon (냉면) is famous, too. They are both cool food, and perfect for summer. Patbingsu is a shaved ice that azuki beans/red beans and fruits are in. Naengmyeon is buckwheat noodle in cool meat-based soup. They are very yummy. Everyone, this summer, how about eating Naengmyeon and Patbingsu in Korea?

Now, I will play a song. “Travel” by JUNIEL.

♪ Travel / JUNIEL

♪ illa illa / JUNIEL

Tsuki Ichi Music

This is JUNIEL’s “Tsuki Ichi MUSIK ~JUNIEL reachable feeling~”. From now, Tsuki Ichi Music. In this corner, I play songs chosen by me, JUNIEL.

This time, I got this message! From Miyuu-san in Mie, a teenager girl. “JUNIEL-chan, congratulations on the Korean debut. I always get energy from JUNIEL-chan’s songs.” Thank you. “I have trouble with summer. By the way, what song do you want to hear in summer? I’m curious.”

Thanks for the message. Yes, as I told earlier, in summer I feel like I stay in sauna. It’s hard, right. I’m like same as Miyuu-san. hehe. So, this time, in response to request from Miyuu-san in Mie, I select songs that I want to hear in summer!

First, Kitadani Hiroshi-san’s “We are!”. It was an opening song of the famous anime “One Piece”. Somehow, my image of One Piece is summer. They all travel on sea, and when I see the hero Luffy’s straw hat, I have image of summer. When summer vacation comes and I go to sea or volley, I want to hear this song at first! Now, I bring a song that I want to hear in summer. Kitadani Hiroshi-san’s “We are!”.

♪ Kitadani Hiroshi / We are!

Next, I choose one more song as song that I want to hear in summer. The second song is a Korean song. 10cm‘s “Americano”. 10cm is an artist having activity as Korean indie. They gathered much popularity by this song called “Americano”. They are artists I love. The song “Americano” is a song that makes you feel fun whenever you hear, rather than a song that has image of summer. When I hear this song and its vocal, somehow I feel very refreshed. So I think it’s very good for summer. I think this song’s very nice to hear on travel or on a very very hot day. Then, I play the second song that I chose for summer. 10cm’s “Americano”.

♪ 10cm / Americano

♪ Everlasting sunset / JUNIEL (Korean version)

Tsuki Ichi Live

This is JUNIEL’s “Tsuki Ichi MUSIK ~JUNIEL reachable feeling~”. From now, Tsuki Ichi Live. Just like the title, it’s JUNIEL’s live performance corner. As well as my own songs, I sometimes play songs that you can’t hear anywhere but here. Please look forward to it. Before the live performance, I’d like to talk about how I compose music.

I first composed music and wrote lyrics when I was in third year of junior high (middle) school. I wanted to compose music since I was 5years old. As the time flew, I entered management company, learned music and guitar, and I became able to try composition. The first song is “Shonen (Boy)”! The song is in my first indie mini album “Ready go!”.  After I experienced my first love, I sang about his image in this song. I have a memory that I first had my guitar and composed happily.

Usually I compose songs with playing guitar, but I sometimes compose with playing piano. In composition, I try to use my experience as much as possible, but I’m still 18years old and my experience is not enough. So, these days I try to express my feelings that I get with reading books and seeing nature.

So, today’s live performance is “Shonen (Boy)”. Please listen.

♪ Shonen (Boy) / JUNIEL

(video by junielove12@youtube)

Thank you.

♪ Forever / JUNIEL

This is JUNIEL’s “Tsuki Ichi MUSIK”. Then, the end of program is drawing near. Did my feelings reach you a little bit? 1hour goes by surprising fast, right? This is really fun time as always. This time’s theme was summer, how was it? Rainy season is coming in Korea, but I could feel summer on this broadcast. I can’t wait for summer Patbingsu. Ah~, now I’m just wanting it. hehe. I will work hard on various things in this summer.

As for JUNIEL’s latest info, please visit my official home page. The address is juniel.jp, and juniel.co.kr. There are websites both in Japan and Korea, so please check them out. And, we are welcoming your message! Message for JUNIEL, problems, opinion, requests, impressions and so on, anything is fine! Theme for selecting music is also welcome. The address is http://www.jfn.co.jp/tsuki . We hope you will send message to us. You can access on phone, too. And, next week’s host of Tsuki Ichi MUSIK is Shibasaki Kou-san. Don’t forget to listen. Then, see you next month. Bye bye ^^

♪ Sakura ~todokanu omoi (unreachable feeling)~ / JUNIEL

source: Tsuki Ichi Musik (120728)
translated by yellow shoes

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