[Blog|Trans] 120823 JUNIEL blog “Tsuki Ichi!”

2012-08-23 19:24:21

ツキイチ! Tsuki Ichi!

“Tsuki Ichi MUSIK” recording in Japan after a long period!

Probably it was the first visit to Japan in 3 or 4 months. I’m really glad that I could come to Japan T_T

Somehow I felt nostalgic as if I went back to my home..

Japan may be my second home ^^;

Recording was very fun as expected, and I was glad to see all the staff after long!

I wonder when Japan activity will be..

I want to do live in Japan and to see everyone soon ^^

*click to enlarge the pictures

source: JUNIEL Blog
translated by yellow shoes


Juniel~ thank you for updating your blog.. and thanks for your words that Japan may be your second home T_T
You can have another home of you if you stayed there, I guess :) because you are such a happy person and you will be loved everywhere!! (So, I hope people won’t feel jealous… >__< hehe)

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