[Video|Lyrics|Trans] Lucid Dream *Unreleased Song*

Lucid Dream 

– It has not released yet. Juniel performed this song at her 6th one man live (12th Dec. 2011) for the first time, and at 7th one man live (15th Feb. 2012). You can watch first verse of this song at official youtube channel.


0:46~ Lucid Dream

[Korean lyric] [English Trans]

구름틈 사이로 하얗게 부서지는 달이 뜬 밤
The night when the white moon peeks out between the clouds

창문틈 사이로 비치던 방울빛은 사라지는
The drop of light between the windows disappears

유난히 푸르지 않았던 오늘하루 우울한 날
Exceptionally today (my heart was like) a cloudy and dark sky, a gloomy day

눈을 감고서 가볼까 내맘대로 되는 나만의 세상
Close my eyes and shall I go through my heart to my only world?

가벼워 진기분 새같이 날을까
Feeling lighter, shall I fly like a bird?

그대가 있는 곳 찾아가 볼까
Where you are, shall I search for that place?

저하늘 구름위로 걸어가고 싶어
I want to walk on the clouds in that sky

my sweet holiday
my sweet holiday

Korean lyrics (by ear) : 치킨2
English translation: yellow shoes, @ChickenEE and @rifni
Special thanks to : JUNIELSupporter

When Juniel first performed this song, she asked audience if they noticed that was a new song. Most of them realized :) Then, she explained what is “lucid dream”, and asked them if they had ever seen lucid dream. No one said yes. Juniel told she had never seen either with innocent smile ^^ She told she wrote this song after hearing a story about lucid dream.

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