[Full Trans|Radio] JUNIEL Tsuki Ichi Musik #5 (120825)

Tsuki Ichi MUSIK ~ JUNIEL reachable feeling~ #5 (120825)

Hello, how are you? I’m Juniel. Tsuki Ichi Musik ~Juniel reachable feeling~. This program is 55minute sound letter made by words and music from Juniel to you. Please read to the end.

This time, I’m recording in Japan after a long period. Coming to Japan after a long period, I feel so hot here. It’s humid, but I’m okay now thanks to air-conditioner. How about you all?

Now, it’s getting near the end of summer. As new school term will start soon both in Japan and Korea, this time’s letter is for friends whom I see after a long period. The title is “my beloved friends”.

I am 18years old now. As I’ve lived for 18years, I met many people. Most of them were nice. But some did not get along with me very well, while others did get along with me very well and became friends. There are huge numbers of friends of mine. But when it comes to best friends, whom I can tell even my secrets, there are only about three people.

I like new encounters very much, but I’m not a person who tries to become friends. Somehow, even when I want to become friend with someone, I am shy. It’s a little hard for me to try to get closer to her/him. But if she/he speak to me, I feel very happy and uplifted at once. Then, we talk about each other and get closer. I’m this kind of person. Maybe this is the reason? Maybe because I talked about myself a lot, I have many friends who believe me and listen to my problems, and I feel comfortable with them whenever I see them.

I have friends in show business too, and we always cheer each other. But, my best friends are my friends since I was in elementary school. We’ve known everything of each other since we were kids. hehe But I was preparing for the debut, so I could hardly see them for about these three years. Although I sometimes get in touch with them, recently I haven’t been able to do. I want to see them. In spite of that, they always support me. Thank you so much. I will contact you, so let’s meet. I really love you!

♪ Dream & Hope / JUNIEL

The song previously played is “Dream & Hope” by JUNIEL.

What friends do you listeners have? I want to have many Japanese friends, too! This is Juniel’s Tsuki Ichi Musik ~Juniel reachable feeling~. In latter half of the program, there’s live performance. Stay tuned.

♪ Ready go / JUNIEL

The song previously played is “Ready go” by JUNIEL

Tsuki Ichi Column

This is Juniel’s Tsuki Ichi Musik ~Juniel reachable feeling~. From now, Tsuki Ichi Column. Every month, I tell you about what I feel and I’m interested in.

Speaking about the biggest worldwide event in this summer, it is London Olympic, which just ended the other day. So, in this corner I will tell you about sports for Juniel. In fact, my Korean activity was going on during the London Olympic, so I couldn’t watch all of them. But I love sports and really enjoy watching such as Olympic and World Cup. I watched (Olympic) on TV when I had time, and as for the ones I couldn’t watch, I read news articles or hear from people! I was pretty excited for succor and taekwondo.

And, in fact, a manager eonni in my Korean company used to be a volleyball player. She knows Korean national volleyball team player Kim Yeon-Koung personally. The manager eonni and I cheered her watching on TV. Then, surprisingly, Kim Yeon-Koung was chosen as MVP (Most Valuable Player) of female volleyball player in this Olympic. Because my eonni knows her, I was glad too.

Like this, the Olympic ended this fast. I was amazed to see the world top athletes. It is only one match in four years. There must be a sense of tension that I don’t know. Also, I was moved to see them having a match on this big stage that all of the world pay attention to. I was encouraged to work harder and harder! To all of the world players, really really otsukare sama deshita (thank you & rest well).

The summer Olympic ended, but there’s the winter Olympic in 2014. I like figure skating, I want to try if I have a chance. Kim Yu-Na and Mao Asada’s skating is very beautiful, I’m keeping my eyes on them. I’m looking forward to the next winter Olympic, too. Juniel’s talk about sports will still go on.

Then, I will play a song now. “We’re together” by Juniel.

♪ We’re together / JUNIEL

This has been “We’re together” by Juniel.

Still, I will continue talking about sports. Hmm, the one I ever did is swimming! Actually, my kindergarten had lessons of swimming and roller skating every day. So I did swimming for about two years, and I ever got a silver medal at a competition. Now.. hehe I can’t swim at all. In Korea, swimming became popular thanks to swimmer Park Taehwan. In Japan, Kosuke Kitajima is famous, right?

As for popular sports in Korea, there are many, but maybe the most popular one is baseball? I love baseball, too. And succor, figure skating, basketball, badminton, and so on. At school, succor and dodge ball are the most popular ones. Now I come to think of it, I think boys who play succor were popular among girls. What sports are popular in Japan? As the autumn comes, it will be good season for sports. How about doing exercise and sweating comfortably?

Then, I will play one more song. “Falling in love” by Juniel.

♪ falling in love / JUNIEL

Tsuki Ichi Music

This is Juniel’s Tsuki Ichi Musik ~ Juniel reachable feeling~. From now, Tsuki Ichi Music. In this corner, I choose and play songs. This time, I got this message from Nick-san, a male listener.

“Good evening, Juniel-chan. I enjoy listening to your radio every month. This time, I think about music select theme. How about Juniel’s favorite movie music? I heard you love movies, so I’m curious what kind of movie you like. As for your info, I like ‘Stand by me’, ‘The Rose’, and ‘Amapola’ from ‘Once Upon a Time in America’.”

Is this okay? hehe So, thank you for the message, Nick-san. All songs you wrote here are the ones I love too. And thanks for the nice theme.

So this time, in the response to Nick-san’s request, I chose my favorite movie music. At first, I thought of “My Heart Will Go On” from the famous movie “Titanic” and “Falling Slowly” from “ONCE”, but this time I want to choose from Japanese movie.

First, theme song of movie “Kimi ni todoke (From Me To You)”, “Kimi ni todoke” by flumpool. I like this movie because, hmm, it’s about first love’s throb and friendship. That itself is very sweet. And all the actors suit to the characters very well. They performed very well, and especially my most favorite Japanese actor Miura Haruma-san suits the male main character Kazehaya-kun very well. Somehow I was glad. hehe

Anyway, the reason why I watched this movie “Kimi ni todoke”, I listened to this song “Kimi ni todoke” by flumpool. This song made me curious about flumpool and the movie, and I got to like both very much. This song also suits the movie very well. Then, please listen. “Kimi ni todoke” by flumpool.

♪ 君に届け(Kimi ni todoke) / flumpool

video by asketch

Next, I will play one more my favorite movie music. The next song is an inserted song, not a theme song. I really really love this song. Do you know the movie called “Toki wo kakeru shoujo (The Girl Who Leapt through Time)”? Probably most people know it. I got various feelings from this movie. It’s a bit fantasy story about a girl who takes herself back in time. I was moved to see her moving between the past and the reality, her getting various feelings and growing up. I felt that “You need to be responsible for everything” and “Your feelings won’t change how many times you turn back a clock.” It is a very good movie. So, the second song is an inserted song in movie “Toki wo kakeru shoujo”, the title is “Kawara nai mono (things never change)” from Oku Hanako.

♪ 変わらないもの (Kawara nai mono) / Oku Hanako

video by Driftedmind

How was it? I’d be glad if you experience nice movie music.

Tsuki Ichi Live

This is Juniel’s Tsuki Ichi Musik ~Juniel reachable feeling~. From now, Tsuki Ichi Live. Just as the title, it’s Juniel’s live performance corner. Not only my own songs, you might be able to hear music that you can’t hear anywhere else.

Before live performance, I’d like to tell a story for a while. I debuted in Korea with song “illa illa”, and had activity for about two months. It was a bit different from when I was active only in Japan. In Japan, there were lots of live performance activities rather than appearing on TV shows. I had much time to practice, but during Korean activity I didn’t have much time to practice. I had live performance activity too, yet had more appearing on TV shows and interviews. But I experienced new things a lot, and totally enjoyed them. My parents were very pleased that I finally debuted in Korea, and I feel very glad to have activity at my home country!

My Korea activity of “illa illa” ended, and I hope to have more chances to see you all in Japan from now on. I did live performance a lot such as on radio and music shows, but actually, there is not specific place where I want to do live by all means. I just thank that I have hands to play guitar and voice to sing, I want to do live anywhere I can do! Even if it’s not a big place, the most important thing is to feel gratitude for the fact that there are people who listen to my music.

Meanwhile, today’s live performance is my most favorite artist, Shena Ringo-san’s song called “Tadashii Machi”. It is my favorite song. I wanted to sing on stage someday, but I haven’t got chance to sing. So, I decided to sing it on Tsuki Ichi Musik. Hmm, it doesn’t suit the theme Korean activity very well, though. hehe  I originally loved the artist Shena Ringo, and I wanted to get better at guitar and singing because of dreaming for her. She is the one who encouraged me to do music activity like now. That’s why I want to perform her song today. Then, please listen. “Tadashii Machi”.

♪ 正しい街(Tadashii Machi) / JUNIEL (椎名林檎, Shena Ringo’s cover)

video by junielove12

*original version

video by endsenten

Thank you.

♪ Forever / JUNIEL

This is Juniel’s Tsuki Ichi Musik ~reachable feeling~. Then, it’s drawing near the end of the program. Did my feeling reach you a little bit? I recorded in Japan after a long period, it’s hot in Japan. hehe But I had fun in Japan and I also felt a bit nervous to do cover of my beloved Shena Ringo’s song. As it’s been a while since I covered this song, so I felt something fresh. How about you all?

In fact, the next broadcast is the last time. I feel lonely…hehe  So, the next time is live performance special! I will play many many nice songs. I’m waiting for your request for songs to perform live. The address is http://www.jfn.co.jp/tsuki . We also hope for your message for Juniel, problems, opinions, requests, impressions and so on. We do look forward for them. You can access the page on your phone, too. As for my latest info, visit my official home page. Address is juniel.jp . My Korean official home page is juniel.co.kr. You can search for “JUNIEL”. The next week’s host is Shibasaki Kou-san. Don’t forget to listen to it. Then, see you next month. Bye bye ^^

♪ Travel / JUNIEL

source: Tsuki Ichi Musik (120825)
translated by yellow shoes

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