[Trans|Pic] JUNIEL ameblo update 120915 “Last Episode♪”

2012-09-15 00:14:13

最終回♪ - Last episode♪

Tsuki Ichi MUSIK. All the recording even for the last episode finished.

I really had fun with preparing until now,

I felt like coming closer to you all

so I was glad at every episode of this program.

But thinking it’s the last, I felt very lonely.

Thank you so much for everyone who listened ^^

Please listen to the end.

source: JUNIEL Blog
translated by: yellow shoes

ahh Juniel looks so lonely >___< I feel lonely too…
translating her talk in this program.. it was really tough yet fun.
We learnt about Juniel more thanks to this program right?
the last is sad but she’s taking the next step.. we don’t know what it is but somehow I’m sure!
well, let’s wait and enjoy the Tsuki Ichi to the end :))



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