[Full Trans|Video] JUNIEL Tsuki Ichi Musik #6 120922

Juniel Tsuki Ichi Musik ~Juniel reachable feeling~ #6 120922

Hello, how are you? This is JUNIEL. “Tsuki Ichi Musik ~Juniel reachable feeling~”, this program is 55-minute sound letter. I bring words and music to you through this. Please read to the end.

This time is the last broadcast. These days, I have been preparing for the next activity in Korea and practicing a lot. Today I came back to Japan after a while. It’s still hot like summer in Japan. In Korea, it got cooler already, the fall has come. Somehow it feels strange, like coming back to summer from fall. By the way, I usually read my letter at opening, but as today is the last, I will read it at ending. I wrote my letter with full of my gratitude toward listeners, so please look forward for it.

Then, Juniel’s Tsuki Ichi Musik, the last broadcast starts with this song. Juniel’s “Sakura ~todokanu omoi (unreachable feeling)~”.

♪ Sakura ~todokanu omoi~ / JUNIEL

video by warnermusicjapan

The song played is Juniel’s “Sakura ~todokanu omoi~”. As this time is the last broadcast, I will introduce music that I want you listeners to listen at last, and also do more studio live than usual. Stay tuned.

Tsuki Ichi Music

This is Juniel’s “Tsuki Ichi Musik ~Juniel reachable feeling~”. From now, Tsuki Ichi Music. In this corner, I bring to you music that I choose. Today, more than anything, I chose music that I want you listeners to hear.

So far, I have chosen music under various themes. I’m concerned about whether I chose songs that suit the themes well and whether you are fond of them, and I wished I could introduce more of good yet unknown songs. I have in variety of feelings. How was it for you? For me, there wasn’t a hard theme. All I talked about myself, I chose music by myself, so I did have fun with thinking and choosing music all the time.

This time, under the theme of “Songs I want to let people hear at the last broadcast”, I chose goodbye songs. Maybe a kind of sad songs will play today, though..

The first song is BoA’s “Moon & Sunrise”. It’s my favorite song from BoA, and I chose this song because the lyrics are perfect for the theme and suit this season well when it changes from summer to fall. Then, I will play music that I chose for the last broadcast. BoA’s “Moon & Sunrise”.

♪ Moon & Sunrise / BoA

video by earthppw

Next song has very warm melody, relaxes your mind. Though it was a short time, but for this 6months, though the radio program called Tsuki Ichi Musik, you all listening to this program and I became a family, right? Thank you so much for becoming my family. With this feeling, I play next song, Free Tempo’s “Family.”

♪ Family / Free Tempo

video by rcnjins

The song played is Free Tempo’s “Family.” Thank you all for giving me in variety of music choice theme.

♪ Pinocchio / JUNIEL

video by JunieLindo1

Tsuki Ichi Live

This is Juniel’s Tsuki Ichi Musik ~Juniel reachable feeling~. From now, Tsuki Ichi Live. Just like the title, this is Juniel’s studio live corner. But this time, the last broadcast, I will play more songs than usual as a special live.

First! The first song is a cover song. Younha‘s “Omoide ni dekinai”. Younha is a Korean singer-songwriter and started her career in Japan, just like me. She is my sempai (sunbae, senior). During my Korean activity, I saw her several times. She was kind to me all the time. I read an article that she told in an interview that she was interested in a new singer called Juniel . Then when I wanted to sing Younha’s song once, I found her song that I like the most suit the theme well. Please listen, “Omoide ni dekinai”.

♪ Omoide ni dekinai / JUNIEL (Younha’s Cover) [studio live]

video by junielove12

More of studio live will come! Stay tuned.

This is Juniel’s Tsuki Ichi Musik ~Juniel reachable feeling~. Now, I will play two more songs. First, YUI’s “Good-bye Days”. It’s the first J-Pop song that I’ve ever practiced. I have a memory that I listened once in Korea. I appeared on a radio program called Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio regularly once a week. I sang a remake of “Good-bye Days” in Korean there. I thought it was a nice song at that time. Today, I’m glad to sing original version of “Good-bye Days.” I want you to listen to the lyrics carefully. Then, please listen, “Good-bye Days.”

♪ Good-bye Days / JUNIEL (YUI’s Cover) [studio live]

video by junielove12

The third song is Juniel’s “Travel”. Tsuki Ichi Musik is my first regular program, so I really have many memories. In the beginning, I thought that my travel started. But this travel is ending as this is the last broadcast. It’s sad, but I think a new travel will start again. So I chose this song. Please listen, Juniel’s “Travel”.

♪ Travel / JUNIEL [studio live]

video by junielove12

This is Juniel’s Tsuki Ichi Musik ~Juniel reachable feeling~, the last broadcast! Well, the program ending is drawing near. Did my feeling reach you even a little bit? Is it really the end? Whenever I record for Tsuki Ichi Musik, the time passes so fast. Today is fun as usual, but during today’s recording, I have been kept thinking “time, don’t pass, don’t pass!”. Thank you so much for listening to the last broadcast! But! Even though the program ends, I, Juniel continue music activity. In fact, I’m planning the next album in Japan, and currently doing recording too. The release date has not fixed yet, but I’m preparing so that I bring it to you sometime soon. Then I want to do live, too. I’m looking forward for it, so please look forward too. For details, please visit my official homepage. The address is juniel.jp. You can also search for “Juniel”.

Then, this is the last of last broadcast! I read my letter that I wrote wholeheartedly to you listeners, so please listen. The title is “Thank you”.

Letter to listeners “Thank you”

This is really the last broadcast. Everyone who listened to Juniel’s Tsuki Ichi Musik ~reachable feeling~ for 6months, really otsukare sama deshita(you worked hard, take a good rest). And thank you so much. I always recorded alone, but receiving messages and music choice themes from you all, I made this program with everyone together. Now I remember about the first recording, in fact I was too nervous to breathe. At first, I worried whether there were people who listened. But I received message and made a program together with everyone like this, so I was glad. I have a feeling that I wish I could do better, and I feel like somewhere in my heart became empty. There were various things happened since I started radio DJ. Of course there was a time when I was busy and having a hard time as I started activity in Korea. But even when I was busy, I had lots of fun with radio. It’s really unforgettable, great experience. Thank you so much. Thank you all who listened! Somewhere, I’ll be seeing you again!  – Juniel.

♪ With You / JUNIEL

video by JunieLindo1

source: Juniel Tsuki Ichi Musik
translated by: yellow shoes

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