[和訳|EngTrans|Video] JUNIEL – Naver Music Special

Special  JUNIEL Second Mini-Album [1 & 1]

Juniel’s second mini album [1&1] has been released. The album consists of 5 tracks, with “Bad Man” as the title track. Since releasing her first Korean debut mini album [My First June] in last June, Juniel has become more mature in terms of musicality.

JUNIELがセカンドミニアルバム[1&1]をリリースしました。タイトル曲「悪い人」とJUNIELの自作曲を含む全5曲が収録されていて、今年6月にリリースした韓国デビューミニアルバム[My First June]以降より一層成熟したJUNIELの感性を感じることができます。

3 of 5 tracks in her new album is Juniel’s composition. They are ‘Oh! Happy Day’, ‘Boy’, and ‘Cat’s Day’. Especially, ‘Boys’ is her very first composition and has a special meaning for her. Each of Juniel’s composition conveys different colors and expresses her variety of voices which are the attractive features of her album. All tracks in Juniel’s new album will be released live on Naver Music.

「Oh! Happy Day」、「少年」、「猫の一日」など収録曲3曲はJUNIELの自作曲で、特に「少年」はJUNIELが中学3年生の時に初めて作詞作曲した曲という点で特別な意味があります。曲によって違った感じを出すJUNIELの多様な音色、表現力が引き立っているのが特徴的です。そんなJUNIELが新しいアルバムの収録曲のライブをネイバーミュージックで初公開します。

Live 1  Bad Man/悪い人, Oh! Happy Day

( videos by @junielsg)

Live 2  Boy/少年, Cat Day/猫の一日, Happy Ending

(videos by @junielsg)

Sketch  Acoustic Live Filming Sketch / アコースティックライブ映像撮影風景

 JUNIEL in the middle of filming. While she’s usually cute, when JUNIEL play the guitar and sing a song with a very serious look!


Still, her cuteness couldn’t be hidden. Didn’t she look really cute sing while smiling? Although the title track of this album ‘Bad Man’ is a very sad song, the other 4 songs are cheerful and comfortable to listen.

▲ それでも可愛い姿はやはり隠すことができないようです。歌を歌って笑うJUNIELの姿があまりにも可愛いでしょう?今回のアルバムタイトル曲「悪い人」は悲しい歌ですが、他の4曲はJUNIEL特有の跳ねるような感じの、気楽に聞ける曲です。

 Juniel played her guitar in four set! She played guitar really well. What did you think when you heard the sound of her music? Cute cute Juniel!

▲ JUNIELのギター演奏4種セットです! やはりJUNIELはギターを弾く姿が一番よく似合うようです。もうJUNIELの音楽の声が聞こえてくるようでありませんか? 可愛い可愛いJUNIEL!

 Juniel [1&1] acoustic live. Did everyone listen to it well? Acoustic live gave different feeling compared to the original version. And, acoustic live is different with the original version. Because Juniel could perform in two version, everyone please listen to them all!


Photo  Juniel Comeback Photo / Juniel カムバック写真

Video  Juniel’s Greetings to Naver Music / Juniel ネイバーミュージックへのご挨拶

(video by @junielsg)

Track  Juniel’s Track Introduction / Junielによる収録曲紹介

Track 1: Bad Man / 悪い人

It’s the title song of the second mini album, a painful pop tune. Describing about a female’s heart struggling with a lost love, it is a little sad song!


Track 02: Oh! Happy Day

This song is a truly vigorous up-tempo tune. Just as the lyrics, I wrote this song on a day when I somehow woke up pleasantly and felt happy for no reason.


Track 03: Boy / 少年

This song is my first self composition at the third year of junior high. I wrote it when I started my first love. I tried to express the pure boy whom I liked then. I put into the song my throb of that day. Acoustic modern rock tune.


Track 04: Cat Day / 猫の一日

I wrote this drowsy, dim song while imagining my puppy that I actually brought up. By the way, why is it Cat Day? Actually I thought a lot, but cat seemed to suit more than puppy, and I like a cat a little more than a puppy. That’s why this song was born as “Cat Day”.

けだるくぼんやりとした感じの曲に、実際に育てている子犬が私を待っている姿を想像して作りました。 ところで、なぜ猫の一日なのでしょうか?実は色々考えたんですが、子犬よりも猫が似合いそうだったし、私は子犬よりも猫の方がちょっと好きなので「猫の一日」という曲として誕生しました。

Track 05: Happy Ending

I co-wrote and co-composed this song. An acoustic pop tune with exciting shuffle rhythm. If you hear the original song, you will be able to feel as if electric piano and guitar have a talk together. Through this song, I’d like to give you a sweet and happy feeling!

この曲は、私が作曲、作詞に共同参加した曲です。 楽しいシャッフルリズムのアコースティックなポップ曲です。 原曲ではエレキ ピアノとギターが会話するような感じも感じられます。この曲で、甘くて幸せな気持ちをプレゼントさせていただきたいです!

Source: Naver Music Special
Video: junielsg@youtube
English Translation: Rifni@Junielindo + yellow shoes (track introduction part)
日本語訳(翻訳機使用): yellow shoes

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