[Video|Trans] JUNIEL Koiseyo Seoul Map 121211

JUNIEL appeared on “Koiseyo Seoul Map,” aired on TV Tokyo (a Tokyo local TV station).

video credit: eiji00037


We have another guest, JUNIEL.
She’s a female singer-songwriter from Korea, Juniel.
Last year she did her major debut in Japan. She’s expected to do well from now on.

Hyunki (this program’s host, a Korean comedian who is active in Japan): Singer-songwriter.
Juniel: Yes.
Hyunki: Wow, so you write and compose songs by yourself.
Juniel: Yes, right.
Hyuki: And you’re pretty! You have everything!
Juniel: No no, there’re still many to learn. I’m in the middle of learning composition and arrangement little by little.
Hyunki: The word “still many to learn”… You have a nice personality, too! Awesome!

Juniel: Since I was a kid, I have wanted to write and compose songs. When I was in the third year of junior high school, I really started it while studying music.
Hyunki: Then, do you write not only in Korean but also in Japanese?
Juniel: As for songs I promote in Japan, I attempt to write original lyrics in Japanese.

Juniel: Lyrics about love are, mostly… my own love…
Hyunki: Your own love? Maybe you made slips of the tongue?
Juniel: (laugh) Most are something like that (about my own love), and I sometimes write lyrics about what I imagine and feel like to do.
Hyunki: Oh, aha!

We asked Juniel what shop she highly recommends!

Juniel: Recently, MAMAS…
Hyunki: MAMAS!
Juniel: It’s a sandwich shop I’m interested in. Somehow I think I definitely go there about once a week.

Here is the shop, Cafe MAMAS! As Juniel goes there once a week, every menu’s taste is certifiable! Especially it is highly rated for sandwiches using homemade bread, cheese and pickle. We hear queues of people form in front of the shop at lunchtime and on weekends. Now this shop is rapidly gaining in popularity in Korea.

As a present, we give autograph from Juniel who introduced this shop. Please check it out at the end of the program.

Juniel: Hello Japanese fans, long time no see. I’m Juniel. These days I’m recording and making songs for my next year’s Japanese album, so please look forward for it.

The shop recommended by Juniel is located in Gangnam. For details, search with “Hanryu enta”!

translated by yellow shoes

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