[News|訳|Trans] JUNIEL、カンヌでスポットライトを浴びる / JUNIEL stood in a spotlight in Cannes

news posted on 30th January 2013

JUNIEL、カンヌでスポットライト – MIDEM関係者 異例の関心



この日JUNIELは世界中の関係者たちが見守る中、「Ready go」「悪い人」「少年」「illa illa」を熱唱した。このうち「Ready go」「少年」はJUNIELの自作曲だ。デビュー後6ヶ月にも満たない(※翻訳者中:招待時)新人がこのような大きな国際舞台に招待されたのも異例のことだが、この大舞台で緊張を全く見せずにゆとりをもって実力を発揮して、より一層注目された。

公演終了後、彼女は「実力のある若いアーティスト」と絶賛されて関係者たちの視線をひきつけた。 スウェーデンのKennelのプロデューサーPernilla Svanstromは「予想していたよりも歌も上手で才能あって驚くべきだった」と話したし、フィンランドのSugar House Publishingの作曲家Teemu Lillrankもまた「歌唱力も歌唱力だが、容姿も可愛くきれいで、直接曲を作ってあげたい。魅力的だ」と関心を表わした。アメリカのRT Type MusicプロデューサーRon Thalerも「実力のある若いアーティストで、一緒に作業してみたい」と話した。

「MIDEMハッピーアワー」はMIDEMフェスティバルの前に開かれるVIP対象のパーティーで、「パルレ・デ・フェスティバル(Palais des festival)」の前に開かれ、約1000人余りのVIPが参加した。



JUNIEL stood in a spotlight in Cannes – Midem attendees’ exceptionally interested

Juniel, “Discovery of the Year,” stood in the spotlight in Cannes, France.

Juniel was invited to one of the biggest international music markets, Midem, as a performer, and held a mini concert at a party “Midem Happy Hour” on 27th January.

On the day, Juniel heartily sang “Ready go,” “Bad Man,” “Boy” and “Illa Illa.” In those songs, “Ready go” and “Boy” are Juniel’s self-composed songs. It is exceptional that the rookie who just debuted in the last six months (*translator’s note: as of when she was invited) was invited to such a big international stage. Moreover, she didn’t get nervous, rather looked relaxed, and showed her ability, attracting even more attentions. 

After the concert, she was praised as “a talented young artist,” catching attendees’ eyes.  Producer Pernilla Svanstrom, from Kennel, Sweden told “I was amazed that she sang better and was more talented than expected,” and composer Teemu Lillrank, from Sugar House Publishing, Finland told “not only vocal skill, but her appearance is cute and pretty. I’d like to write a song for her. She’s charming,” showing his interest. Also, producer Ron Thaler from RT Type Music, the US told “she is a talented young artist. I hope to work with her.”

“Midem Happy Hour” is a party for VIPs held before Midem festival. It was held before “Palais des festival” and about a thousand of VIPs attended.

Meanwhile, Midem is an international music exposition annually held in Cannes, France, geared to planning companies, productions, publishing companies and media in a variety of music genres such as pop, rock, jazz and classics.

source: SportsWorld
translation by: yellow shoes
thanks to @junielsg for the tips

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