[Pic|Trans] 130201 JUNIEL Blog “Finally!”

2013-02-01 15:12:25



Long time no see (^-^)/

Finally, the release of Japan major 1st (full) album “JUNI” is approaching!

I’m going to end the recording soon.

I’m so looking forward

すごく楽しみですね ♥
to meeting you all after a long period


This time too, I’ve prepared heartily.

So, everyone, please look forward for it ♥

source: JUNIEL ameblo
photo via: @junielsg
translated by: yellow shoes

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2 Responses to [Pic|Trans] 130201 JUNIEL Blog “Finally!”

  1. aya says:

    can you translate this video…juniel talk about yonghwa..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhKu0lvNvPw

    • tamagocnbjnl says:

      Hi :) My korean listening skill is not good enough, so only rough trans. It may be wrong, please don’t take it out.
      She said they signed with FNC academy on the same day and they are like real brother and sister. She said Yonghwa is sensitive/emotional, handsome, talented and nice oppa. She’ve never seen his girlfriend, so she’s curious how he is to girlfriend.

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