[News|Trans] JUNIEL, 1st full-album titled “JUNI” to be released on 6 March (Barks news)

It was announced that JUNIEL’s 1st full-album from major label titled “JUNI” was going to be released on 6 March.

As a sound producer, they invite Suzuki “Daichi” Hideyuki, who has produced a lot of female artists. Almost all songs in the album are written and composed by JUNIEL. It is going to  consist of 11 songs(*), including her major debut single “Forever”, 2nd single “Sakura ~todokanu omoi/unreachable feeling~”, and “Everything Is Alright”, which is played in Fuji TV Flower Net TV commercial from February to March. (* translator note: according to FNC Music Japan official announcement, the album consists of 12 songs. not sure which is correct.)

JUNIEL made the major debut (in Japan) with “Forever” on 2 November 2011 as a singer-songwriter who has a cute airy-fairy voice like sound of flapping clear wings. With her 2nd single “Sakura ~todokanu omoi/unreachable feeling~”, she got four tie-ups, which was exceptional as a rookie. She was highly evaluated for her bright, wistful yet soft voice, her beautiful melody, and her sensitive lyrics.

Neither dance pop or rock band, she signals a new trend in K-POP as a singer-songwriter. Her voice and and her singing talent reminds of soft SunMin. JUNIEL is an artist who is worthy of attention. Wait till the album comes!

To be released on 6 March 2013
WPCL-11308  / 3,150 yen (tax in)
Track: 11 songs in total, including Everything Is Alright, Sakura ~todokanu omoi/unreachable feeling~, and Forever

source: BARKS
translated by: yellow shoes

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