[Rough Trans|Interview] JUNIEL, “ideal type is classical, Song Joong Ki and Lee Seon Kyun (Interview 1)

JUNIEL, “Ideal type is Song Joong Ki and Lee Seon Kyun, who are classical.” (Interview 1)

Come to think of it, JUNIEL (19 y/o, real name is Choi Jun Hee) always had a little sad face. She didn’t have a big laugh like others of her age or didn’t act cute. And it’s no wonder because JUNIEL always sang one-way love or sad song such as ‘illa illa’ and ‘Bad Man’.

“I really wanted to transform myself this time. Since I sang only sad songs, many people thought I was ‘a sad girl’ or ‘a depressed girl’. This time, I want to show a cute and bouncy look that suits my age and my personality. Above all, my bright lovely smile.”

Actually, JUNIEL’s smile is pretty and bright. Even when she sometimes gazes into space, she is a cute and lovely girl of 20 years old, who has never come down. The concept of this comeback is funky and cuteness, which suits her well like her own clothes. Also, it may be a surprise that she likes cherry blossoms and mountain climbing.

“I like cherry blossoms. I always go to see cherry blossoms with mother every year. There is my self-composition that is written in theme of cherry blossoms. It is included in my album recently released in Japan. I like mountains, too. My hobby is mountain climbing. When there is music work or practice, I often go and climb a mountain with friends. Or else, I’m lazy and relax in my home.”

JUNIEL introduced her new album that is full of transformation in her unique tone. She just made her comeback with her 3rd mini album titled ‘Fall in L’ on April 25. This time’s concept is ‘fresh and bouncy’. This new album is made under the slogan ‘Fall in Juniel’s charm’ and ‘Fall in love’. It includes 4 songs, such as the title track ‘Pretty Boy’, JUNIEL’s self-composition ‘Date’ and ‘Sleep Talking’.

“Actually, my ideal type is not ‘pretty boy’. But, because I imagined that my ideal type wears glasses and get a perm, I could put myself into the song well. The pretty boy in my song also seems to have a charm in his own way. When I sing the song, somehow I feel good and happy. My self-composed song titled ‘Date’ is 100% based on my imagination. When I meet a boyfriend, I will be surely like this.”

After her first love when she was really in love, she hasn’t been able to start her second love. She said it was because of the smarting pain of the first love. Requirements for the next love is that he has to be a real man with indomitable will enough to break through the wall in her mind. Among celebrities, her ideal type is actor Song Joong Ki and Lee Seon Kyun.

“My ideal type is a man with a classic charm, like those two. It would be great if he has an unexpected charm, too. If he laughs like a fool and then works enthusiastically all of a sudden, or if he wears jeans everyday and then appears in suits, he would be really charming. Most people did nothing but knocking my heart and disappeared. But, someday real love will come, right?”

What is lovableness for JUNIEL? “If you see, you will feel good and happy. Only by seeing it, you will smile. I think this is it.”

That lovableness is what JUNIEL has.

source: MyDaily (Choi Jiye reporter)
reference (Japanese trans): Kstyle
translated by: yellow shoes

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