[Rough Trans|Interview] JUNIEL, “I want to live a sitting life like Jo Jung Chi” (Interview 2)

JUNIEL, “I want to live a sitting life like Jo Jung Chi” (Interview 2)

Singer JUNIEL (19, real name Choi Jun Hee) wished to experience singer Jo Jung Chi’s sitting life (to be lying in one’s home all day).

When JUNIEL was talking about her ideal type at interview with MyDaily, she suddenly brought up the story of Jo Jung Chi. Saying “talking about it, somehow Jo Jung Chi seems to be my ideal type.” and she laughed.

JUNIEL is a fan of MBC variety program ‘We got married’, which Jo Jung Chi and Jung In appear in. She told “I want to try his sitting life. Originally I was a little lazy and so I like lying in my home. I want to lie with playing the guitar and singing. It would be really good.” and “But, being a singer, I have a tight schedule and many things to do, so I cannot be like that,” saying regretfully.

Also, she added that “I saw Jo Jung Chi playing the guitar and doing music on TV, and he looked really different there. Usually he seems to be lying, but he is very charismatic when he sings. He seems to be a typical artistic man.”

JUNIEL and Jo Jung Chi are specially linked by a fate. Last December, JUNIEL appeared on KBS 2FM ‘Yoo In Na’s Volume Up’ and met Jo Jung Chi, who was also invited to the program. In that show, they showed a special stage that was a collaboration of their ad lib guitar playing.

She told “I was very happy to meet him, so I suggested him to take a picture together because I was his fan. Jo Jung Chi said ‘Yes’ with his unique expression and accepted soon. It was really good. I feel happy and uploaded it on twitter soon. Recently I saw him on TV advertisement. He is very charming,” with a shy smile.

JUNIEL released her 3rd mini album ‘Fall in L’ on April 25 and started her promotion with the title track ‘Pretty Boy’.

source: MyDaily (Choi Jiye reporter)
reference (Japanese trans): Kstyle
translated by: yellow shoes

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