[Rough Trans|Interview] JUNIEL StarNews Interview

(I don’t have time enough to make full translation. I’m sharing some interesting parts (mostly Juniel words) only. I hope you enjoy it ^^)

~Pretty Boy~

“I wanted to smile a lot on stage. But, as I sang sad songs so far, I couldn’t smile. Actually, some people thought that I was a depressed and hurt girl. (laugh) As seeing me in person, they said my personality was not like what they thought.”

“I did dance, but actually it is nothing more than struggle. (laugh) I had to step with playing the guitar, but it was harder than I thought. I think I practiced it hard like crazy.”

The lyrics are about a pretty boy as girl’s ideal type, but it was far from JUNIEL’s ideal type.

JUNIEL likes a man who has nice voice and full lips like Song Joong Ki and Lee Seon Kyun. “When I sang Pretty Boy, at first I couldn’t put myself into the song. Then, I imagined if those two were less tall, their hair were permed, and they wore horn-rimmed glasses, hooded tee and jeans. That worked well.” she laughed.

~Sleep Talking~

JUNIEL’s self composed song titled “Sleep Talking” is based on her own love story with her ex-boyfriend. Although some young rookies don’t want to come out their experience of love, she is rather honest and straight.

“The lyrics is so sweet that my arms and legs would curl up. As I made it with real story, I naturally sang with emotions. (laugh) Because ‘entertainer’ is a job that requires you to know and express every different emotion, I think I need have many experiences. Only when I know love, fans will give me love. And, originally I’m not good at telling a lie.”

~Her (past) nickname~

When she debuted, she got a nickname “Second IU” because of some similarity. However, it seemed she no longer cares about it.

“At first, many people judged me only by an image that I play the guitar. But, (such image) seemed to peel. Maybe it could be natural because if they see me, they would know everything is different, such as personality, song, concept, and so on. I often search on internet, and I found there are less such modifying words. When the time passes, someday all such words would disappear.”

~As a grown-up~

Although JUNIEL is already grown-up, but she told that there was not big difference from before. She said “I thought there would be much more things I could do as a grown-up, but actually there are many restrictions as I’m a rookie.” and “I tried drinking beer with watching a movie with mother, but it didn’t taste good.”

~Japan activity and Pretty Boy party~

JUNIEL did activity in Japan before debut in Korea. She told she sometimes missed that time when she communicated with fans, performing on streets and live cafe (club). That’s why she had a special expectation for her comeback party ‘Pretty Boy’ held on April 25th.

“In Japan, it was really good that I could perform just in front of people. Now in Korea, fans are very far from stage and they couldn’t see my expression through camera. That’s why I have a big expectation for this party. I’m going to smile a lot on stage.”

source: StarNews (posted on April 25)
translated by: yellow shoes

I’m touched by every word from her, especially she misses her concerts in Japan.. I miss that time badly.. >.<

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