[Rough Trans|Interview] Fall in JUNIEL in Spring

Fall in JUNIEL in Spring

3rd mini album ‘Fall in L’ released.

‘Is that JUNIEL?’ – expecting such reactions.

Although cherry blossoms knew the right time to bloom and blew snow away, the spring came pretty late this year. In the end of April, in the morning and at night, you still have to pop your collar. This late spring was good for her. JUNIEL worked for a song for ‘2013 spring’ since last December. As her comeback was delayed for a month, she was worried that ‘spring should not go very fast.’ Despite her worry, spring wind and a little warm sunshine waited for her. On April 24, we met ‘spring girl’ JUNIEL, who just released her 3rd mini album ‘Fall in L’.

“If ‘illa illa’ and ‘Bad Man’ are my autumn and winter, ‘Pretty Boy’ is my spring. Wasn’t my past music style sweet-bitter and sad? I told that ‘I have a variety of music colors. I will show you one by one’ when I debuted. I think it is the time now.”

If you see the tracks in the album, such as title song ‘Pretty Boy’, and ‘Date’, ‘Sleep Talking’ and ‘My Lips’, you could suspect that ‘Did JUNIEL fall in love?’. JUNIEL, who was suffering from a sad breakup (in songs), this time whispers “I like pretty boy more than nice boy like a movie actor,” showing cuteness. Before her comeback, she even ‘attacked’ an engineering college in Seoul where is full of boys. That was an active love expression of her, being different from what she was – like a modest girl -.

“I always had a hunger to try something new, but there was a bigger reason why I tried to change my image this time. I wanted to laugh while doing this activity. haha Singing sad songs, I didn’t appear on variety shows. So, I didn’t laugh ordinarily.”

As preparing for ‘Fall in L’ of sweet and lovely concept, JUNIEL, who has a personality to suit herself the atmosphere well, actually burst into laughter and couldn’t handle herself. Especially, when she recorded her self-composed song titled ‘Sleep Talking,’ she couldn’t keep from laughter and ruined a sequence many times.

“You know, you will automatically smile when you’re really happy. You can’t control it  even with the muscle around your mouth. haha It was the first time to laugh this hard with doing music work since I was a trainee.”

JUNIEL has got many both male and female fans, with the acoustic sound and sensibility based on her actual experience and deepened by her imagination. This time, JUNIEL even winks on stage. She is expecting that “this album would lead to me to have more male fan.” When you expect something, your goal will become clear. We asked her if she wishes everyone to fall for herself just like the album’s title.

“Ah, I don’t have a desire to win the first prize. I never see digital music charts. It is strange to classify a song as superior or inferior one when each song is in a different genre and has a different message. Keeping my original intention, I’m happy if even one person relate to my song. If I could wish one more thing this time, it would be great if there’s a reaction that ‘Is this JUNIEL?’ haha”

source: SportsKorea
translated by: yellow shoes

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