[Rough Trans] Juniel Interview at the FNC no.3

JUNIEL SUMMER RAIN ~ Rain is always special for JUNIEL~

On rainy day…  I like to listen the sound of rain lonely at home.  The sky is cloudy, but is it the smell of ground when it rains?  When I sleep with the window opened, I smell the ground receiving rain.  I hear the sound of rain, too.  When I was in Japan, I would often listen to FTISLAND’s ‘Raining’.  As soon as the album including this song was released, I bought and listened to it.  Since that time, I’ve liked the song.  I like its lyrics, melody, arrangement, and all.  Although I like it any time, but especially rain reminds me of the song.  It suits rain perfectly.  My day tends to depend on my mind.  When it rains, I feel so blue. I’m depressed all day…  But, maybe I tend to enjoy the depression.  How to enjoy a rainy day is that you don’t care the depression.  I listen to sad music, see a sad movie, or just be lying all day with listening to the sound of rain.  Sometimes I don’t talk anything.  I like to be quiet on rainy day.  So, if I let you hear a song on a rainy day, I want to choose a calm one.  A song titled ‘Long long ago’ from Acoustic Cafe would be perfect for rainy day.  I’ve written a song titled ‘Endless Rain‘ in Japan.  One day, when I had a day off, I couldn’t go out because of rain. I felt very depressed without reason then.  At that time, I thought “Ah, it’d be good if I write a song using this situation!” and I wrote it with recollecting every old memory.  I made it at once.  I remember that I spent that night songwriting.

Come to think of it, rainy day may be a special day.  A day to celebrate something, or a day to start something.. many of those days were rainy.  Although I was depressed, but I liked that feeling, too.  I might be able to feel the day more special because of that. Whenever I work in a rural area, it rains.  Whenever there’s a big event, it rains.  On my birthday, it rains too.  My birthday is always rainy.  When I go out with umbrella, thinking that “It’s going to rain tomorrow, too,” it rains without fail.  My debut day was rainy, and the day when I held my first one-man live show in Japan was also rainy.  Anyway, it always rains.  Oh, yes!  This time, my come-back party for “Pretty Boy”!  It rained then, too (laugh).  I wish it wouldn’t rain at least once.  Because it’s always rainy.  And so, people around me say that I’m a rainy girl.  If there’s ‘JUNIEL’s Rain,’ I hope it will be a memorable for everyone.  A strong typhoon is given its name and it will be memorable, right?  Quiet rain will also be a memorable one if I have a memory on that day.  When there was a single umbrella, I happened to share the umbrella with a cool guy beside me.  If it happens, I’d have another nice memory.  I hope for a memorable rain like this.

“JUNIEL’s umbrella is… all the people around me who let me be what I am.  It is all thanks to their help that I can live a life, think and do music now.” – JUNIEL

Nowadays I do lots of work on radio.  So, I spend time preparing for live performance.  Also, I’m going to write songs for the next album. I do exercise too.  Because there’s gym in our office, sometimes I do with a trainer, sometime do running machine by myself…  Until the next promotion activity, it’s time for self-control.  If I got summer vacation, I would go to as many places as possible.  I’d go to various spots in my country, cultivating sensibility…  Maybe I can write 5 songs? I really want to go on a trip.  Far, farrr (laugh). I want to go to a valley as four, with mother, father, and little brother.  And I want to relax in a pension/resort inn, eat watermelon and BBQ.  Even if it rained, I’m sure I will go. In any case, I want to make effective use of time as much as possible.  If the rain was very heavy and I have nothing to do, I would give up.  I would look out of window, think about the next day’s schedule and write songs with abandon in a room.  But, if it keeps raining during a trip, I have to go out without fail.  I can’t help! If it’s in rainy season and I had to stay home all day.. hmm, first, I would wake up at 10 a.m. by habit.  Even though I wake up, I’d see the clock and sleep again. I’d sleep until 2 p.m.  After getting up, I’d open my notebook computer just in front of me.  There’s a small desk next to bed, and the notebook is always there.  I’d sleep on the floor beside the bed, then as soon as I get up, I’d sit there and do internet shopping.  Then I’d bring the guitar right next to it.  I’d play the guitar a bit, find some songs with notebook, and find some scores, play the guitar, and I’d become sleepy again… then I’d sleep.  It seems like I’d spend a day just sleeping (laugh).

translation (from Japanese to English): yellow shoes

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