[Trans|訳] Nostalgia – JUNIEL (Lyrics)

This song titled Nostalgia hasn’t been released officially, but Juniel used to perform it live in Japan with playing keyboard. One of my favorite songs from her, so beautiful yet sad song. Even when I didn’t know the lyrics, this song and her emotion put in it almost made me shed tears.. I can’t thank enough to @5neulen-nim for sharing the lyrics. Really thank you!! Now I love the lyrics too! That even made me try to translate into Japanese and English. My Korean skill is not enough yet, so please kindly let me know if there’s a mistake. Thank you! :)


마치 세상이 모두 멈춘 것 같아. 피어나는 소리도 들리지가 않아.
As if the world has all stopped. I can’t even hear the sound of revival.

나와 함께한 너의 모습이 추억이 내겐 믿어지지 않아.
私と一緒にいるあなたの姿 記憶が私には信じられない。
You were with me. I can’t believe the memory.

우리 사랑했던, 약했던 날들과 우리 약속했던 아름다운 꿈들이
私たちが愛した、儚い日々と 私たちが約束した美しい夢たちが
We loved those feeble days. We promised those beautiful dreams.

어느새 사라져 덩그러니 남겨졌어.
いつの間にか消えて ぽつんと取り残されていた。
They already disappeared and I was left alone.

아무것도 할 수 없어. 너무 그리워 너의 품이.
Nothing can I do. I miss your chest very much.


마치 세상이 모두 멈춘 것 같아. 까맣게 둘러져서 보이지 않는걸.
As if the world has all stopped. It’s covered in black and I can’t see.

혼자 울고 웃은 너의 모습이 자꾸 생각나 미칠 것만 같아.
一人で泣いて 笑ったあなたの姿何度も思い出して おかしくなりそう。
I cry alone, recalling your smile again and again. I’m going crazy.

우리 사랑했던 수많은 날들과 우리 영원하자고 했던 약속들이 한순간 사라져
私たちが愛した数多くの日々と 私たちが永遠にしようとした約束たちが 一瞬消えて
We loved a lot of days. We tried to make the promises eternal. They disappeared at a moment.

우두커니 그냥 서서, 아무것도 할 수 없어. 너무 그리워 네 모습이.
I’m lost, just standing. Nothing can I do. I miss you very much.


우연히 마주친다면 모르는 척 웃음 속에 나를 감추고 스쳐지나가 주기를.
偶然会ったなら 何食わぬ笑みの中に私を隠して すれ違ってくれますように。
If we happened to meet, I wish I could pretend innocence with smile to hide myself. I wish you’d just pass me.

다시 네 곁에서 함께 웃고 싶어. 다시 네 옆으로 돌아가고 싶어.
Once again, I want to laugh together with you. Once again, I want to come back to you.

하지만 그럴 수 없다는 걸 잘 아니까, 너를 지워야 하니까.
However.. because I know well that I can’t. Because I have to erase you.

마음속에 묻어두고. 아프지 않게 잊혀지길.
I put it in my heart, wishing I could forget without pain.

Korean lyrics (by ear): 5eulen-nim’s blog
Japanese & English translation: yellow shoes
video: setayel

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