[Video|Trans|和訳] Juniel Elite Interview

[English Translation]  (日本語訳は下にあります^^)

Hello, I’m a guitarist and singer, JUNIEL.

JUNIEL’s mini interview

Q. What was a trigger for you to become a singer? Other than guitar, is there any instruments that you can play?

There was not a special trigger for me to become a singer. My father used to dream for a singer. So, I listened to music with him very much since I was a child. Then, I naturally started music and came to dream for a singer. As for other instruments, I can play the piano a little. Well, I can play all basic ones a little, such as cabasa, maracas, shaker and kazoo.

Q. As becoming a grown-up, what do you want to do first?

As a grown-up, I feel like to get driver’s license, and I also want to travel alone to various places.

Q. When you went to school and did music activity, was there any teacher who helped you the most?

When I was in high school, I was coming and going from Japan. Also, I took a year’s of absence from school. My high school days was like that… At that time, the President gave me a big support. When I fell into a doze during a class, although it was from time to time.. but he gave me a cheering word. He gave me very good words, too. There was such great President. That still all remains in my memory.

Q. JUNIEL’s own secret to wear school uniform prettily?

At junior high school (middle school), it is a period of growth, you know. So, I wore a little bigger one when I entered the school. As I grew up, it became the right size that I could wear prettily. At high school, it seems that I just wore the right size. I thought it was the prettiest.. I didn’t find it pretty to make it too short. Right size!! To wear the original uniform as it is is the prettiest.

Q. Message to Elite friends.

Hello, Elite friends. I’m JUNIEL. I was chosen for Elite uniform model. Because I was chosen for an uniform model, I remind myself that I have to be a better and more exemplary person. I will behave better, so I hope you wear and give more love for Elite uniforms. Also, I hope you support and love JUNIEL, too. Thank you, it was from JUNIEL.





Q. 歌手になったきっかけは?ギターのほかに弾ける楽器は?


Q. もう成人になりましたが、一番はじめにしたいことは?


Q. 学校に通いながら活動した時、最も大きな助けになった先生は?

私は高校の時、しばらく日本も行ったり来たりして、また学校を1年間休学もして。そんなふうに… 在学していましたが、それと共に校長先生がたくさん… 応援もたくさんしてくださって。時々ですが、私が授業時間にうとうとした時も… 頑張れという言葉もかけてくださって、とても良い言葉もたくさんかけてくださった良い校長先生がいらっしゃいました。今でもとてもたくさん記憶に残っています。

Q. 制服をきれいに着るためのJUNIELだけの秘訣は?

制服をきれいに着る方法は、中学生の時はやはり成長する時期なので、1年生で入った時は少し大きいものを着ましたね。成長するとサイズが合うようになり、自然にきれいに着られるようになりました。高校生の時もそのままぴったり私のサイズに合うように着ていたと思います。それが一番きれいだと考えて…。むやみに…短くしたりすることは、別にきれいだと思わなかったと思います。ぴったりに!! きれいなのは、本来の制服をそのまま着るのが一番きれいだと思います。

Q. エルチン(Elite友達)へのメッセージ


Listening & Writing down in Korean by @anicory
English/Japanese translation by yellow shoes

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