About Yellow Shoes

Hi everyone, thanks for visiting my blog ^^
I’m a Japanese big fan of JUNIEL, the talented singer-songwriter and first female artist from FNC.  I’m sharing her updates and English translations (though my English is still not very good) just for fun and study! Hope you’ll enjoy it and widen your love for JUNIEL♥
My blog, YELLOW SHOES, is just for JUNIEL and JunieLovers (Juniel’s fans)! I named it after her song “We’re together”‘s lyrics.

♪私の好きな黄色い靴をはいて 君に走ってゆくから
[romanization] watashino sukina kiiroi kutsu wo haite kimi ni hashitte yuku kara
[English] Wearing my favorite yellow shoes, I will run to you, so…

You know? Juniel’s favorite colored shoes connects her and her fans ^^
I hope this blog will connect Juniel and us and We will be together forever♥



3 Responses to About Yellow Shoes

  1. sunny-chan says:

    love your page~ thanks for your working hard~ ganbatte~

  2. M. Hikari says:

    I really like your page.. I became to know more about JUNIEL through your page. That’s awesome.. Now, I really missed JUNIEL so much because I wonder what is she doing lately..??? ^_^

  3. yukinatsu247 says:

    You are such a BIG fan of JUNIEL ^^
    I love your page so much~~~~~

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