Juniel Biography

JUNIEL is a singer-songwriter from Korea and the first female artist in FNC.

Birth: September 3, 1993
Blood type: B
Hobby: Piano
Favorite flower: Cherry Blossom
Favorite color: Yellow


  • September 3rd, Choi JunHee was born in a hospital in Seoul, Korea.


  • Her brother was born.
  • She was fully loved, and grew up very happily with reliable father, kind mother and cheerful little brother. They lived at an apartment in Seoul.
  • Watched her father playing guitar (she wasn’t taught guitar by dad). He did band at college and wanted to be a singer with guitar.
  • Her father let her listen to pops, rock, country music and so on, including Beatles and Led Zeppelin.

Elementary school

  • Started singing. As she wanted to be like BoA, she tried dance as well.
  • Favorited Jang Nara’s “Sweet Dream”

Junior high school

  • Auditioned to become a singer and failed many times
  • The first company to which she belonged suddenly disappear before she knew
  • Became a trainee at 3rd year in junior high and had lessons till midnight everyday
  • Started playing guitar and learned guitar chord at early 3rd year in junior high
  • Composed a song for her first time at early 3rd year in junior high

Senior high school

  • Entered SOPA
  • The company asked her if she wanted to learn music in Japan

  • Participated in FTISLAND “Magic” in mini album “Jump Up” released on November 28

May, 2010

  • 17th, found how to post photo on twitter and posted her selca on her personal account
  • 19th, posted selca on twitter
  • 29th, posted selca on twitter
  • 30th, went to Tokyo, Japan for music study, since there were few singers who play instrumental in Korea at that time. Before she went to Japan, she studied Japanese just a little bit. In Tokyo, she started going to Japanese language school.

June, 2010

  • Started performing live on streets and in clubs(live house) as “JUNIE“.
  • 12th, posted selca on twitter

July, 2010 

  • 1st, posted selca on twitter and told she went to Korea on the next day
  • 27th, posted selca on twitter

September, 2010

  • Won Grand Prix at girls vocal audition “Nijiiro Supernova”, which was held by EMI Music Japan, Magazine “CUTiE” and @peps!.


  • Sang her composition for chrome music mixer
  • Recorded demo tape

October, 2010

  • 14th, at Maple House
  • 29th, at Mona Records

November, 2010

  • 11th, at Mona Records
  • 28th, first performance at Gee-ge.

December, 2010

  • 18th, at Maple House

January, 2011

  • 14th, at Akasaka Graffiti
  • 19th, at Shibuya Gee-ge.

April, 2011

  • JUNIE changed her stage name into JUNIEL
  • 1st, JUNIEL official twitter @junieljp started
  • 5th, at Shibuya Gee-ge.
  • 14th, at Shibuya Gee-ge.
  • 16th, JUNIEL official site opened (juniel.jp)
  • 21st, at Shibuya Gee-ge.
  • 24th, at Shinjuku EXIT
  • 26th, at Gakugei University Maple House
  • 29th, Indies debut with mini album “Ready go!”
  • 29th, at Space Shower TV The Diner
  • 30th, at Gakugei University Maple House

May, 2011

  • 6th, at Akasaka Graffiti
  • 8th, at Shibuya Gee-ge.
  • 12th, first one man live “Ready go!” at Shibuya Gee-ge.
  • 23rd, at Gakugei University Maple House
  • 30th, at Gakugei University Maple House

June, 2011

  • 4th, at Shibuya Boxx
  • 5th, at Shibuya Gee-ge.
  • 9th, at Gakugei University Maple House
  • 12th, second one man live “We’re together” at Akasaka Grafiti
  • 26th, opening act in Wonbin 2nd Mini Album Release Live Tour “good for you” at Akasaka BLITZ

July, 2011

  • 2nd, at Space Shower TV The Diner
  • 3rd, at Shibuya Gee-ge.
  • 4th, at Mona Records
  • 6th, opening act in FTISLAND Tour 2011 Summer “Messenger” at Zepp Tokyo
  • 12th, released second mini album “DREAM & HOPE”
  • 12th, third one man live “DREAM & HOPE” at Shimokitazawa Garden
  • Commented at Pati Pati web
  • 21st, at Akasaka Graffiti
  • 25th, at Aoyama Tsuki Miru Kimi Omou
  • 30th, at Maple House
August, 2011
  • 1st, at Shibuya Gee-ge.
  • 10th, at Maple House
  • 12th, fourth one man live “Happy day” at Shibuya DESEO
  • 19th, at Shibuya Gee-ge.
  • 26th, at Maple House B-Stage

September, 2011

  • 5th, at Shibuya Gee-ge.
  • 6th, at Akasaka Graffiti
  • 7th, at Maple House A-Stage
  • 12th, fifth one man live “fall in love” at Space Shower The Diner & announcement of Major Debut in Japan
  • 14th, at Maple House A-Stage
  • 17th, at Shibuya Gee-ge.

October, 2011

  • 4th, FNC announced cancellation of sixth one man live “aki no ichinichi”(one day in autumn) which was supposed to be held on 12th at Aoyama Tsuki Miru Kimi Omou, due to her school schedule in Korea
  • 12th, Video Live was posted at YouTube
  • 17th, Juniel official YouTube channel opened

November, 2011

  • “Forever” was selected as “Yokane”, which is monthly recommendation by CD shops in Fukuoka.
  • “Forever” was November ending theme song for “Gamers Yoasobi Sanshimai” (Nihon TV)
  • “Travel” was played in TV commercial for Token Corporation “Home Mate” from middle November
  • 2nd, Major Debut in Japan with single “Forever” from Warner Music Japan
  • 8th, FNC announced cancellation of sixth one man live “aki no ichinichi”, which was supposed to be held on 12th November at Akasaka Graffiti, due to “certain reason of Warner Music Japan”. WMJ announced that it’s because they couldn’t get visa in time and they had responsibility for that.
  • 12th, Video Live was posted on YouTube
  • 19th, “Forever” Release Event at EAON Fusou Shopping Center in Aichi
  • 23rd, “Forever” Release Event at Abeno Hoop Open Air Plaza in Osaka
  • 26th, “Forever” Release Event at EAON Mall Kawaguchi Maekawa in Saitama
  • 27th, “Forever” Release Event at Canal City Hakata in Fukuoka
  • 30th, official video message was posted on YouTube
December, 2011
  • 12th, Sixth one man live “Forever” at Omotesando Live Space Hallot. The first live with band. Gt. Hayato Mitsuhashi, Ba. Keisuke Ijima, Dr. Hiroshi Shimozono
  • 21st, at Shibuya Gee-ge.
  • 22nd, at Mona Records
  • 24th, opening act at “Lawson Presents Music For All All For One Supported by Skapa!” at Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium
January, 2012
  • “Sakura ~todokanu omoi~” to be image song of TV commercial for Fuji TV Flower Net from January to March
  • 10th, Official online shopping mall opened
February, 2012
  • “Sakura ~todokanu omoi~” to be February ending theme song for “Music B.B.”, “Music Focus” and “King Kong No Arukoto Naikoto”.
  • 15th, Release second single “Sakura ~todokanu omoi~”
  • 15th, seventh one man live “Sakura ~todoku omoi~” at Shibuya Glad with band. Band members are the same with December one man live.
March, 2012
  • 20th, “Sakura ~todokanu omoi~” release event at HMV Sapporo Stella Place in Hokkaido
  • 24th, “Sakura ~todokanu omoi~” release event at Canal City Hakata in Fukuoka
  • 25th, “Sakura ~todokanu omoi~” release event at EAON Mall Fusou in Aichi
  • 28th, at Shibuya Gee-ge.
  • 29th, at Mona Records
  • 31st, “Sakura ~todokanu omoi~” release event at Lalaport Yokohama in Kanagawa *cancelled due to bad weather

April, 2012

  • 1st, “Sakura ~todokanu omoi~” event at Hankyu Nishinomiya Gardens in Hyogo
  • 3rd, at Shibuya Gee-ge.
  • First regular radio “Tsuki Ichi MUSIK” (JUNIEL is the host in every 4th week)
  • 22nd, Appeared in “Kpop Captivating the World – Just Rock CNBLUE”
  • 24th, Korean news told her Korean debut would be late in May
May, 2012
  • 18th, JUNIEL’s first Korean song “Pabo (Fool)”‘s teaser release. 
  • 18th, JUNIEL Korean official twitter started
  • 22th, “Pabo (Fool)” release
June, 2012

  • Official Korean debut with mini album “MY FIRST JUNE”

to be continued…

* I will write this JUNIEL biography more (in the past as well)~~ ^^


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